Is there a Chronological Event/Notification Master list?

Maybe I just can’t find out how to do this, but it seems like this should be here, so please help! I would think you could open up the app and see a chronological order of all cameras/sensors/etc and their notifications in one spot. As it stands now, I can only see arm/disarm in “monitoring events” under the monitoring tab. Under “Event” tab, I see my two cameras and the video when they are triggered, and I have to click on each sensor to see a chronological order of when that sensor was triggered. Is there a way to make these all in the same place!?? All the data exists, so I’m sure it should be possible. If I wake up in the Morning, I’d like to see:
6:15-Alarm disarmed
6:30-Living Room sensor active
6:35-Rear door opened
6:40-Backyard camera triggered (video)
6:45-Rear door opened
6:45 Living room sensor active
Or something to that affect. Going to 3 different places to see what’s going on seems crazy to me. Am I missing something, can anyone assist? THanks in advance!

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You didn’t miss anything. There is no master list of systemwide event history.

If you have an On Duty sensor that trips an HMS alarm, it will show that sensor in the HMS activity Hx, but only if it trips an alarm. They will not show when Disarmed or if the sensor is Off Duty

For what it is worth, I don’t trust the monitoring event Hx. Look at the times. How did I set the alarm off by opening the back door AFTER the alarm was cancelled and disarmed 1 second later??? Would think the door opening would have to be first. Time stamps are off.

Also included in your list should be Rules Hx, which is found in yet another place.

This has the makings for a great #Wishlist request. Fortunately, another user has already thought of it.

Here is the #wishlist topic. You can go there, vote at the top, and add your ideas at the bottom. Also be sure to like any of the idea posts in the topic.