Is the "Wyze Sensor" weatherproof?

Just familiarizing with the Wyze Sensor and wondering if it’s weatherproof? I can think of a couple of areas outside that I can use one of these, however it will be exposed to the elements (e.g., rain, ice).

Anyone experienced issues?

Thanks in advance.

No. Similar to the Wyze Cam v1, v2, and Pan, Wyze Sense is intended for indoor use only.

I’ve had a door sensor outside for a couple of weeks and have not had a problem. It has survived direct sunshine, rain, wind, and hail.

As @HDRock mentioned, similar to the Wyze Cams the Wyze Sense is intended for indoor use. However, also similar to the Wyze Cams, many people go right ahead and use it outdoors anyway :slight_smile: (with some protection).

The main issue I can see with using Wyze Sense outdoors is the battery. Coin cells are sensitive to temperature and corrode easily when exposed to moisture, so if used outdoors you would want to protect the sensor from extreme temperatures and precipitation.

Just be aware that using them outdoors likely voids the warranty. But if it’s worth $5 periodically (to replace one whenever it stops working) to keep tabs on something outside then go for it :smile:.

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Thanks, great tip. My thoughts were to use the wyze sense on my backyard gate. But if it’s sensitive to temp then I may have a bit of an alternative with the type of enclosure that I’m thinking will help to shield it yet allow the contacts to keep the moisture out.

@HDRock . Thanks.

@jerryfromthecape . Thanks.

Ideas for weather proofing the PIR sensors?

  • water resistant tape to vulnerable areas?

  • dielectric grease on the battery/terminals?

  • add tiny bit of sealant to outside edge of black front cover?