Is the Samsung A20 a decent phone for Wyze apps?

I’ve about given up on Wyze getting my video lag back to an acceptable level using a Samsung J3 w/ Android 7.1.1. So I’m going to have to get a new device so I can see people coming up my driveway before they knock on the door.
I’m using Consumer Cellular and they offer the Samsung A20 w/32GB, Android 9 for $180.
Is that a decent phone?

I thought that was a low end phone but I could be wrong. Maybe you can.pickup an old S6?

That is a low end phone, I’ve got a low end wallet.


That’s why I was thinking of an old model but with more horse power. My spare S6 works great. My S4 works 80% of the time with Wyze. My new s10e works great but I had to mortgage the house.

What is the Android version on the S6?

I use Swappa all the time. Just bought a Pixel 3 XL for 260. Doing a project with it. But a nice S6 can be had for cheap.

The A20 seems fine spec wise. I don’t think you will go wrong with it.

Specs are pretty good and it’s Android 9.0

Sorry for the delay. I had to watch NCIS.


Thanks for the tip.

Could be worth taking a chance with the a20. I just know S6 works. I would hope S7, S8, and S9 should work.

Maybe an A20 user will give a report.

Well what I want is a Note 10, But for the extreme difference in price I can get an A20 AND a couple of Samsung Galaxy Tab A’s.
/edit - Costco will be selling the A’s for $200 w/128GB of memory

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Are Galaxy tab As any good? My old tab S3 is getting slow

My son drools and goes glassy eyed when somebody mentions the Note 10! He has a Note 8 at the moment. I have tried as he puts it, to tempt him to the ‘dark side’ with an iPhone. But he prefers Android.

I’ve a Note 8 already, A Note 8 GT-N5110 from 2013, stuck on Android 4.1, with a dying battery.
Might look into hacking it to Android 7.

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This is a casual observation, not backed up by statistics.

It seems like when people write posts with comments like, “the controls are placed awkwardly, I can’t see the full screen, it’s not quite Android compatible, etc” and they are asked what phone they have, it is often a Samsung.

I have that. For fun, I dug it up and booted. Play Store doesn’t even list the Wyze app! But the battery is still 75% even after months being powered down.

I replaced it with a Galaxy S2 SM-T713, primarily because I like the S2’s better screen aspect ratio (like an iPad). I don’t know why they insist on 16:9 ratio, it’s bad for web browsing. They think all everybody does is watch movies.

Since S3 has been out for a long time, you might be able to get a refurbished S2 for cheap.

But then I anticipate will do some “upgrade” that will make the Android version obsolete. Something I buy new with Android 9 should be good through Android 11.

Unlike the previous Samsung tablets that hardly ever get Android updates, the S2/S3 series gets regular updates.