Wyze Phone

The WYZE Phone…

A mid range phone at the 250 dollar price point. This phone prioritizes all the right features without gimmicks or cheap parts, replacing other budget brands that left affordability a long time ago. Features would include:

1080p IPS screen (No OLED for cost saving, 90hz if possible)
UFS 2.1 or better storage at 64gb (For a smooth experience.)
6GB RAM minimum
Snapdragon 765… or other 700 series (Cost saving but effective SOC)
5G MMWave, Mid-Band, and Low Band support with 4x4 antenna array
USB-C (3.0 if possible)
QC 3.0 or better.
Full OTG support
Decent but not fancy rear camera compatible with GCam
Decent but not fancy front camera with small bezels for it (no punch hole or notch, more cost saving)
Open OS for as easy as possible rooting.
IP68 Rating
Stock Android ROM, similar OnePlus (NO EXTRA APPS)
Top speaker that can be used as a left speaker channel for stereo audio.
Included USB-C to C charger (like the Pixel line)
3700mah or better battery
Rear fingerprint scanner (cheaper then under screen scanner)
Wifi 6 4x4 MU-MIMO
Easy repair-ability.
Links to buy the phone parts for repair directly from WYZE
Android 11 or better

Things I feel the community can live without (in my opinion) for a 250 price point:

Wireless Charging
Reverse Wireless Charging
Included earbuds
No extra apps
Face Unlock
Gorilla Glass
Yearly OS Upgrades (If the phone’s OS is open someone will do that for Wyze without Wyze having to invest in the R and D)

The goal of this idea is to fill the void left by OnePlus in the realm of affordability for lower income homes that still need reliable devices. I feel if this device is done well and sold in large phone retailer stores like T-Mobile it will bring a lot of publicity for Wyze and their other products. It annoys me that devices in the 250 range are mainly garbage with extremely few exceptions.

I love Wyze but I REALLY hope this post isn’t serious come on now…

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I assume it’s serious, but also completely unnecessary. OnePlus was ALWAYS on the high end. Motorola has been quietly providing a much better phone for the money for a LONG time in both the E and G lines. And that is not counting all of the very good brands that don’t have official US models.

I don’t mind a logical debate. That’s what this forum is for. But I don’t like when people knock an idea without a reason (the people who commented before you). On to your comment though…

OnePlus has not always been on the high end of price… compare the OnePlus 3 to its competitors for that year. In fact the company’s motto was to bring high end specs with low end prices… now look how much they charge. They started out with mostly open OS, Gcam support, and UFS storage to.

Motorola’s phones are basically cheap Chinese phones with re-flashes. The ROMs are hard to root and GCAM is mostly unavailable for the low end. At least consistently, making its camera usually garbage. The SOC is always bottom of the barrel and none of them to my understanding have UFS or decent OTG compatibility. If you’ve ever actually used any of Motorola’s cheaper phones you will know they make you miserable and come with bloatware. And forget 4x4 antenna arrays for LTE or WiFi.

And finally, all the off brands that don’t have official models in the US are EXTREMELY hit or miss with support for carriers here, I once spent hours on the line with a cheaper phone for a friend of mine with a very low budget trying to register it to the network even though it supports the proper bands, and on top of that they have horrible tech support.

Finally, with the exception of the extremely new Pixel 4a, (albeit at 350) no phone I can find comes with UFS, but rather eMMC storage which pretty much guarantees you a laggy experience that will only get worse over time.

Source: I’m an electronics install and commissioning specialist. I’m around and using this stuff all the time.

Different strokes. I recall that OnePlus was always too rich for my blood. We’ve had multiple generations of the MotoG as well as the E4Plus and have been quite happy with them. The “bloatware” factor is nearly non-existent – much, much less than a carrier branded phone.

Today in fact I finally had to disassemble an original first version MotoG that was doing yeoman’s service as a small home automation and Wyze viewing console. The main reason was because the battery had bulged to a quite worrying degree (but otherwise kept a decent charge!). It won’t boot without a battery and I am seriously considering getting another. The MotoG outlasted the LGs we got years later and that are now nearly useless because they never got Android upgrades.

“Teardrop” notch aside my new MotoG7 pretty much rocks for my purposes. I like it night and day over my iPhone.

“Is” able to reach wyze customer service would be a major selling point. Maybe the biggest.

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Agree to disagree on the moto G7. But I agree with your point on the low end of LGs lineup. They don’t last very long. My cousin bought a Stylo and it’s performance degraded ridiculously fast.

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Fair point. They would need some kind of phone based customer service that’s reliable enough for the 5 day work week minimum.

I am waiting for the wyze cell phone…

Time to democratize the cell phone industry.

I’m tired of apple’s antics, and current smartphones aren’t appealing to me. I’d love a simple, easy to use, sleek, not oversized phone that focuses on the wyze integrations.

An affordable high end Smart Phone.

Wyze should make an Android phone. Imagine what they could bring to the mobile phone scene. I got this idea when my grandma got me Wyze watches and called them “phones”

Features I disagree on

  • I don’t think a headphone jack is needed
  • Gorilla Glass is needed
  • Timely OS Updates are needed
  • Price point $250 version and a $450 version with a better camera, processor, 8GB Ram, and better screen resolution

Nope to all of that. A headphone jack is imperative, brand name glass is pointless, Android phones do fine without frequent updates, and the price points are needlessly high.

I like the features of my IPhone okay but I hate that Apple uses planned obsolescence to keep you on the hook for more money. A Wyze Phone would be the perfect tool to optimize all of the other tech products. Make a phone that has great battery life and is meant to last for 5+ years and I’d be the first to sign up.

PS. Look at IOS15 update for example. It’s wrecking people’s phones so they have to get a new one.

Wyze community back me up on this one… who wants a Wyze Phone?!?!

Nice, the phone should have 4 front facing cameras and use a custom OS that looks 3D. Should call it wyze flame phone.
Or a phone with a full QWERTY keyboard and call it wyze blueberry phone.

Will be a massive hit…….