Is the device list widget supposed to do anything at all?

On my Android phone, I added the device list widget (4x2) to my home screen. It lists all of my groups and devices along with statuses, and I can scroll through them (color bulbs and switches). But nothing happens when I tap any of these items; is it supposed to open the wyze app, or grant any control? Or is it really just a passive device list?

I’m on a Samsung Galaxy s8, Android version 9.

Yes. When clicking on a device or device group within the device list, it will open the app specific to that device or device group that was pressed:

This is on a Moto G Stylus Android 11 with the recent 2.40 app.

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Thanks for the response. Does it work for device groups? I realized that it does work for my individual bulbs/switches, but nothing happens when I click on a device group.

(This is relevant because I generally control my lights room-by-room, rather than individually changing 5-8 separate bulbs in a room.)

Yes. It opens my light groups, plug groups, sensor groups, and cam groups into the app. It won’t toggle them on and off, but it will open the app into that group.

There was an app update released this week. Did you update to that?

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Ah, that was the issue! Selecting groups now works after the update.

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