Is my doorbell installed correctly?

I used to have a Ring doorbell and it installed tightly onto its base as shown in this photo.


This is a photo of my Video doorbell pro installed. There is a gap between the doorbell and the base. The whole thing seems very flimsy and very easy to pull off and steal, not to mention it doesn’t look very nice.

Did I install this wrong, or is this the way it is supposed to be?

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Looks like you put the wedge on backwards. There should be no gap.

Flip the Wedge so that the side facing the door is facing the doorbell.


The backer plate should slot into the wedge like the picture on the right. Looks like you have it like the picture on the left, which creates that gap.


Thank you to both Profile - spamoni4 - Wyze Forum and Profile - Omgitstony - Wyze Forum . Indeed I did install the wedge backwards. Interestingly, with Ring the smooth face of the wedge is facing out and I didn’t see anything explicit in the Wyze installation instructions to say which way it should go, so I just assumed it was the same. This makes a lot more sense. All fixed now and looking much better.


Does the wedge come with the doorpbell pro. OR is that a separate accessory? If so what is part number?