Is my camera broken or am I doing something wrong. Was robbed back to back and the camera didn't pick anything

Anyone had issues with the camera not recording people? I got video of someone pulling up to my house at 5AM and then the video cuts off.

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A.I. detection has been spotty lately. I get the same thing when my wife returns home and there’s no “person detected” files of her in notifications. I would say more than 1/2 the time it doesn’t work…


Do you have the camera set to record continuously via the microSD card?

If so, the full event was probably recorded and you’ll need to find it in the timeline.

If not, you might want to turn on continuous recording, or it’ll likely continue to miss important events.

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yeah that seems to be the issue. i just turned on continuous recording. welp. good to know now i guess. thank you.

I’m glad we figured out what the problem was. :grinning:

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