Is it time for me to up upgrade my V2s to 1574?

I still have five V2 cameras, and they work fine. I’m on firmware version 1002 on all of them. I know it’s subjective, but is now a good time for me to upgrade to version 1574? It seems pretty stable. I’m on IOS and I keep my app up to date. You thoughts?

Up to you I guess. Things to consider is that your missing out on many updates and bugfixes being a few firmware versions behind. Here is the changelog showing the updated versions beyond #.1002.

Wyze Cam v2 Firmware (December 7, 2022)

Fixed a bug that affected camera connection on Wi-Fi with a long password
Fixed a bug that prevented AI detection settings from syncing (November 2, 2022)

Fixed a bug that affected camera IoT connection after a cloud outage

Fixed a bug that caused incorrect membership status after switching between statuses

Fixed a bug that caused Error 3001 when viewing motion and sound Events (September 27, 2022)

Improved Internet connection code

Improved live stream connectivity

Improved IoT connectivity

Improved microSD card playback stability

Bug fixes

Security improvements

Due to the security improvement on this firmware, you will need to go through the setup process for your camera if you go back to firmware or below. Because of this, we are removing those firmware files from this page.

Note: We are doing a gradual release for this firmware over several weeks. If you do not have this firmware version yet, don’t worry! You’ll receive it later.

If your a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, then let it be, if your wants are to be up to date on all updates and fixes then update. You could always update just one and see how it goes. Just be aware it appears that you have some extra stuff to be aware of if you go ahead and update, then want to flash back. See statement above in the end of the quotes.

Also a disclaimer statement, I am sure the official want is for all the users is to have everyone and everything be up to date with all fixes, updates, security patches, firmware versions, app versions etc.


Before you update, browse this forum and News forum for the threads announcement on firmware update and App updayes. Often users will post if there are issues.

I’m a big Wyze fan and I don’t have any issues with my cameras. I’m on this forum every day reading about all the issues with the latest firmware updates. And looks pretty stable. Yes, I’m kind of a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” guy. That’s why I’m still on 1002. But at some point in time, I believe I need catch up. And I’m just wondering if this might be a good time. And yes, I always update only ONE camera as a test. Thanks for the input.

I updated one of my 5 v2 cams to from (had to manually flash them to this since the recent chaos). It upgraded. I was able to restart it via software. It ran for 2 days. I decided to try to physically power cycle it… that is when it never came back online. I flashed it back to Same thing happened with most of their recent firmware attempts. I think it has something to do with the 256GB SD card I have in it. Wyze Engineering is a dumpster fire at this point. Not even sure why I try to upgrade at this point. 1002 has some bugs but it is better than non functioning cameras after power outages. I would hold off on upgrading until they get back from their Christmas parties and start taking customer complaints and report seriously. I look at the bugs being reported on other devices with firmware upgrades and just can’t believe this is still a viable business for them.

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Just fyi. I just upgraded the 2nd of my 5 V2 cameras. The first upgrade went well. After 2 days, I physically powered cycled the first camera. No problems. I will keep doing one at a time, resetting and power cycling them before moving on the the next one. I’m using “standard” size 32GB cards in my V2 cameras.