Is It Possible to record to SD card offline?

I have a spare V2 setup on my home wifi. I would like to take it to my office building for some Halloween parties we are planning. I do not want to set it up on the office wifi, I would like to record on the sd card. Is that possible? Would I leave it on record events only, or continuous recording? And then can I take the camera back home and be able to retrieve the recordings from the card once it is back on my home wifi.

You would leave it on continuous record, but be aware the camera needs Internet to start up. It won’t record to the SD card until it accomplishes that. So if you can pair it with a hotspot on your phone, then you will both have a monitor there and a way to start up the cam.

Thanks Newshound, how do I pair it with a hotspot on the phone? I have never tried that before and wouldn’t know where to begin, Sorry . . .

Depends on your phone & carrier. I use an iPhone on iOS 12. For me, I go into the phone settings and below Cellular is Hotspot. In there I can turn my Hotspot on.

Once it is on, it will tell me the SSID & password. You enter those into the Wyze app when you are setting up the camera. Then the camera will only work for that hotspot network.

Be aware that many Hotspots are very finicky. Some work great, some don’t. So YMMV as far as success goes.


One other tip (in addition to Newshound’s advice): some cellular carriers don’t support hotspot operation, often called ‘tethering’. Sometimes, tethering is only available on higher-end (more expensive) cellular data plans, but not on basic offerings.


Thanks Newshound and kyphos, appreciate the info . . .

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If you set your camera up with a hotspot or any other Wifi you will have to set it up with your home Wifi sgain when you get home. After doing that you would be able to view the clips on the SD card. You could also put the card in your phone or PC to view them.
It may be eadier to just use your phone to record the party. :slightly_smiling_face:

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