Is it possible to exclude smart detections while motion tracking?

I set up another Pan v3 yesterday, and all was well until nighttime. I have it set pointed down my driveway, and have it set to notify me of vehicles. The problem I’m running into is when a bug or something flies past, the motion tracking kicks in, pans to the right, then notifies me of the two vehicles parked there. Is it possible to turn off smart detections once motion tracking is active? Is it possible to set a detection zone while tracking? Any help is appreciated!

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No. You can’t trigger anything from the Motion Tracking toggle in the Rules and you can’t Action just Smart Detections, only Motion Detection.

You only get one Detection Zone and it moves with the FOV. So, if you set it when it is stationary in its Home position, when the cam moves the DZ moves with it but doesn’t get adjusted.

Suggest you turn off Motion Tracking.