Is it possible to conceal the front black surface using white tape on any of the black Wyze cams, making them be almost entirely white?

I tried to experiment with what I’m describing below, but I’m not sure if this hinders motion detection in any way.

Unless there are additional sensors hidden behind the black area of any Wyze white cam, could the front black surface be covered with white tape except over the light sensor, microphone, status light and the lens on the Wyze cam battery pro without resulting in any issues with its operation and effectiveness - particularly detection/motion wise?

Not sure what your end goal is, but what about black?

The battery cam pro has both radar and PIR sensors hidden under the black plastic. I’m not sure if adding white tape or anything over that will affect it though. You could test it

I kind of did something similar. I was using one indoors, but the spotlight was too bright at night where I had it, even at 1 out of 100. So I put this kind of black plastic around it that is used for dimming screens on alarm clocks and such. It works much better and it didn’t seem to really impact the IR lights or anything, but I only put it around the very top area.

I wonder if you can use something like 1-way mirror tape that people put on windows. That should let your camera lens see out, but reflect anything from anyone looking at it. Maybe there is something similar for some white plastic covering or tape.

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@StevenA Thank you so much for your reply and suggestion. Covering the white with black will further worsen my mission (goal).

conceal the front black surface using white tape on any of the black Wyze cams, making them almost entirely white.

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@IEatBeans Thank you for the heads up. I spend hours trying to figure out exactly where are any of the hidden sensors (less than dismantling) to no avail - adding and removing pieces of white tape here and there over the black area, while I monitor the detections/events whether are populating or not. So far I haven’t been successful.

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@carverofchoice Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll just keep trying.