Is it possible to change a network on V3 remotely?

I changed my Internet provider, so all my v3 cams are offline. I didn’t find a way to change network from the app. Is there only the option to get my cameras connected – to remove all of them from the app and install again from the scratch? All my cameras are under the roof. I need to by/rent an extension ladder for this. Not gonna be fun.

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There is no way to do it remotely. You really only have 2 options:

Option 1: You need to press the setup button and go through the basic setup to provide the new SSID and password.

Note: You do not need to remove the cameras first.

Option 2: Rename your WiFi SSID on the router to be the exact same as it was before including the password. If you do this, the cameras should connect without issues.

Note: I have found that the SSID needs to match exactly including upper and lower case characters.


Option #2 is the way to go.


I agree, but wanted to make sure they realize that there are two options.

Not sure if there was a need for changing the SSID and/or password

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Thank you guys