Is it possible to add a rule action delay?

I have the following rule:

Is there any chance I can delay the Wyze plug from turning on for like 5 seconds? So when the door opens → wait 5 seconds → trigger the Wyze plug?

Sort of. Instead of having the trigger be when the door opens, you could potentially set it to be “Has been open for 5 seconds” as the trigger. The problem is that it would then not trigger if someone opened and shut the door fairly quickly.

An alternative is to use Alexa Routines instead of the Wyze rules. Alexa does support an action of “wait 5 seconds” and then the next action being turn on the plug…so you could download the Alexa App, add the Wyze skill and then program the routine through Alexa instead of through the Wyze rules engine.

Unfortunately, the Wyze Rules engine doesn’t currently natively support exactly what you are asking for (we’ve been asking for this though), but the above 2 workarounds might be able to meet your needs if it is really important.