Is cam-plus cloud storage service synced with local microsd?

Basically, does a camera with camplus cloud storage service and also containing a micro sd card have the video and events writtten to both the cloud and local storage.

Cam Plus recordings are only saved to the cloud.
You can also use a micro SD card to save motion recordings or to continually record video to the camera locally. Cam Plus doesn’t require theSD card and theSD card doesn’t require Cam Plus. They are separate, but they can function at the same time.


Like @Brlepage stated, the ways to record are locally to the SD card, to cloud storage (CMC, free 14 day storage) and manually to your device. You can have one, two or all three, or none working for you at anytime. This is for V2s and pans as the WCOs are a different.


I’ve read that both replies to this thread so far state you can do both simultaneously. I’m a bit confused with your 3rd option where you say all three meaning. so let me rephrase the question.

Can you store to microsd, just events and continuous and also to the cloud at the same time? thanks for the reply, greatly appreciated

Continuous or events on the SD card.

Yes! (Events only)

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The third option is manually recording to your phone/tablet.


Recording options:
Local storage (sd card): disabled, continuous recording or events only.

Cloud storage: disabled, CMC service or free 14 day storage.

Manually record: While live or playback viewing, manually pressing the record button in app to save a clip or photos to your device.

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