Cam Plus and no use of cloud

Is it possible to run Cam Plus but only record to SD card? No cloud recording.



No Cam Plus is cloud recording, if you only want 24/7 recording or motion recording SD card is the way to go, if you want the Person Detection part of Cam Plus the processing is done in the cloud so there truly is no way to do it without uploading the video currently.

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Welcome to the forums! What are you trying to achieve? Do you want continuous recording? Event only recording? Person Detection? Or just trying to avoid the cloud? @WyzeJasonJ gave a good explanation of your options above.

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Thanks Jason21271,

Appreciate the concise answer.


I want more than the 12 second event recording but I don’t want to use the cloud. Apparently that is not an option.

Put a sd card in your camera and it’ll record either 24/7 or events only to the card. The event only works where it’ll save the full minute where motion is detected. If motion is detected at say 13:51:20 hrs then it will save between 13:51:00 and 13:51:59 to the card. If motion goes over the minute, it’ll save the full next minute. Unfortunately without cloud recording, you won’t get any notifications that motion has occurred from your camera.

Edit, these are instructions for the pan or v2. The WCO works a little different. What camera do you have?


I am sure @Omgitstony will explain the same thing as I see he is also replying, but you can achieve this using the SD card, continuous recording will literally record all the time, record motion will record a series of 1-minute videos, if there is any motion in that 1-minute video it will keep it, if there isn’t it gets discarded. The drawback is you will not get notifications as they come from cloud recorded videos. To view what is found on the SD card you will also click on View Playback at the bottom of the live view area. Only cloud events are found in the events tab.


That’s not true, I get notifications.

Welcome to the group! What do the notifications say?

Thank you! I get notifications when using the SD card for sound, motion, and people detection.

You’re getting notifications from the 12 second clips that go to the cloud.
You can record to SD but the 12 second clips are still sent to the WYZE servers.

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I’m not using the cloud at all…

Are your sound, motion and person detection videos that you get notified of in the event tab? The event tab is the cloud. Your sd card footage is accessible elsewhere off of the live view screen of your camera.

So. If I am getting motion detection notifications and thus watching 12 second videos of the motion detected, that is from the cloud? Incidentally, I am a pilot user.

If you are getting notifications and / or you have clips on the Events page of the app you are using the cloud.

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Yes, you are.
The clips on the Events tab are from the cloud.

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Aha, that’s how you get 5 characters in a one word affirmative answer. :blush:

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Thanks to all. I grasp how things work now. I appreciate all your input!