Is Anyone Actually Satisfied With Their Wyze Camera?

yes, very satisfied. we only have 4 cameras (v2 and v3) and all are operating perfectly, have been and even the application is working great.


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I have one V3 and it is working perfect.
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No. I have CamPlus and one Outdoor Cam and one Cam 3. I bought them specifically to alert me when there are black bears in my yard. I’ve literally had large adult black bears playing in front of the camera on my porch and I’ve walked out the door to be faced with bears less than 10 feet from me.

However, if the wind is blowing and sunlight casts a moving shadow of trees onto the driveway, I get an alert every few minutes.

This is compounded by the lack of documentation. What exactly does “detection distance” slider indicate? Is it feet, meters, percentage?

Why can you set a detection zone outside of the PIR Effective Area? Are they mutually exclusive or inclusive?

Starlight On Cam 3 is a joke when you live out in the boonies and the moon isn’t out. You can’t see anything when there’s no ambient lighting.


Well duh! What are you expecting? That’s what IR illuminators are for.

I’ve been happy with all my cams. Really everything but the V1 Sense… And even then I got out way more than I put in for these consumable electronics.


I got 4 v3 and doorbell and pan and one v2 and 2 battery powered outdoor camera all work perfect. The only problem I have with Wyze is video doorbell needs to work with google hub max like all my other Wyze cameras.

When they work, they work. I have (counts on fingers) 14 cameras operating in three locations on two continents. That figure would be higher but Covid has restricted travel. I also operate other brands of IP cameras. Some were purchased prior to Wyze coming on the market and others as a hedge, since cloud-based services can have issues that affect the entire network at times - so I always have two separate systems operating. I have one Panasonic IP camera that has been operating flawlessly for a decade (but cost 4X what a Wyze camera does). It was a PITA to set up as were all IP cameras BITD

In general, the Wyze cameras work well and are excellent value for the money. The most troublesome for me have been the Outdoor cameras - two bricked themselves on installation. Note there is no “reset” on the Outdoor cameras (for no good reason) so once it gets confused, it’s toast. I have learned to purchase through Amazon when possible to make returns easier. Wyze product support is terrible, IMO. Basically you have to fight your way to a human who then copies and pastes the same replies without reading the support request. So I treat purchase decisions as a gamble, sadly. I also had one V3 with a broken USB connection (bent pin in the USB connection). It is possible I broke it - as you may know it connects inside a rubber sleeve that makes precise alignment difficult. Then again, I’ve plugged in USB connections a million times successfully… And again a lack of setup info from Wyze (or perhaps a manufacturing defect). My practice now is to pull back the sleeve entirely, connect power and then slide the sleeve back (if the camera is in a damp location - in many cases it serves no purpose). Knowing I’d get nowhere with Support, I simply hard-wired the connection on the broken one

There is also the issue of the PanCam design making it “walk” off whatever you have put it on if you enable motion-tracking. Certainly a design fault coupled with a lack of setup info from Wyze. Be careful with camera updates. IMO, If it works, don’t upgrade. Several times upgrades have disabled cameras, and as I mentioned, some of mine are thousands of miles away - I can’t simply just pop in and reflash the firmware. Another reason to have other brands operational. BTW - nowhere in Wyze’s FAQs (last I checked) is the firmware relash documented. If you search you will find it in docs but for whatever reason it’s not made prominent in the FAQs. And trust me - you will probably need it


Interesting that you think my comment about Starlight excluded the possibility of using the IR and that you felt the need to respond as if it were a personal affront to you. Says more about you than it does about me.


I think I can answer the PIR question because I did some work with them ( the detectors, not with Wyze). The detector elements are fixed in the housing and detect a rectangular area. Because of the placement, only covers the lower half of the camera view. The PIR elements have to be away from the IR source LED (upper), otherwise they would never go out. Anything outside the PIR zone still detects motion, but not heat signatures. The detection zone that can be set is only for motion.

Heck yeah I’m satisfied.

I started with v1 cameras 3 years ago and along the way ended up with 8 cameras (v1, v2, v3, Doorbell) and a car. For the past 3 years, the cameras have been pretty trouble free. Sure, occasionally one will hang and won’t connect but a simple restart or power cycle will always fix it.

The most important thing is to make sure your network is solid. Make sure you have a good signal out to your cameras. If you have a large house with (nonWCO) cameras outside, one access point isn’t gonna cut it. Also, keep in mind that the cameras are 2.4GHz only.

The doorbell camera doesn’t have a card slot (I wish it did) so I use CAM+ for it. It works well and I haven’t had problems with it. I can view and save past events. I don’t use the AI detection. For the other cameras that have SD slots, I put 32GB SDHC cards in them. Avoid the temptation to use a larger SDXC card. There were issues with them.

The Wyze app has gotten better and more reliable over the years. Everyone in my family uses the app to access the cameras on their phones.

On the whole, my experience is pretty positive. Sure there’s a few rough spots but then when you consider the cost/benefit of the cameras, they beat all the other cameras I’ve looked at.

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I’m super happy with my 5 cams (I gave 2 of them - v2s) to one of my kids and they’re happy as well. I have 2 v3s and one original cam pan. I also subscribed all three to Cam Plus and am veryhappy with that as well - especially compared to Wyze’s original attempt to fit AI into the actual devices. Smart move, IMO and the I find the price is very reasonable. And much more reasonable than the subscription price for my Ring Doorbell.

Hello. I guess ill chime in on this one. Been a user since the beginning, seriously.
From an overall standpoint i’ll stay that Wyze gets a score of 7 out of 10.
Cost, performance, quality, setup, app all work well, but these are not without connection battles that continue to this day,
Primarily when something requires a firmware update. They are hit or miss.
Mostly a hit, but it’s the miss that causes major hiccups. Requires almost a full reboot of system.
remove-add-remove-add again. connection. wait, connection times out…etc. then it wont work at all
I’ve had multiple cameras that required a firmware flash to get it to reconnect.

Current setup:
15 - V1-2 cameras in various locations throughout the house. Most look thru the windows with great visuals despite the glass and others within the household.
2 - outdoor cams, work well but have failed multiple times after updates, requires removal/re-add
2 - V3 cams for garage, again work well, but both required full resets after last update
5 - V1 sensors for all doors. x5, still working, batteries replaced once in 3yrs.
2 - motion sensors, 1 working the other has died
1 - Robot Wireless vacuum, used weekly and seems to do a great job,
1 - Floor lamp - very nice and great LED lighting
1 - Front doorbell v1
1 - V1 scale - kicks butt, been nice tool for monitoring/controlling stats.
3 - outdoor plugs - these work as should, on/off, no problems
2 - indoor plugs - these work as should, on/off, no problems
6 - nightlights - VERY nice
2 - V1 white bulb - they work, IF and only IF you can get them to hook up.
6 - Color bulbs (currently as a group of 4 and 2 solos) - these are my fav’s, work well as a bulb and the colors are amazing.
HOWEVER, they have a mind of there own. on/off/grouping/solo…you name it, it all works for a short period. BUT…What another firmware update…this breaks everything and yes I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, removed from groups, added to groups, added one at a time, multiple at a time, you get them working and then only one turns on or 2 of the 4 turn off, etc…this has been ongoing for over a month and still haven’t figured out a resolution. YET, manually they work fine, one at a time but as group they still fail frequently.

Side note:
NOT a fan of the rules…can we just have a bulb setting with a on/off function only.
App could use a bit more polish to allow a cleaner interface…with all these addons its getting full.

My 2 cents…but as you see a big fan/customer for quite sometime and really do enjoy what they have offered thus far.
Hope this helps.
Richard K.


I have 3 V2 and 3 V3 cameras. I bought these because of the price. I already had 4 metal outdoor IP cameras and 4 indoor cameras from other companies. I like the Wyze but preferred the people detection built in. I use SD cards in all my cameras. It’s disappointing that the Wyze cameras can’t be viewed with no wifi like all my other IP cameras.
I don’t have any problems with the Wyze cams.

I have at least 10 of them. Wouldn’t keep buying them if I wasn’t satisfied.

How many cameras do they need to make? Many of their other products are awesome!

Keep expanding!!!

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I bought my first V2s in 10/2018, and now have 5 V2s and 2 V3s that both have Cam Plus. I rely on my onboard SD cards, and don’t see the (perceived) 20% added benefit of Cam Plus as worthwhile adding at this time. I let Wyze take $1 per month from my checking account - but - when the reliability of the event triggering goes from the present 70% at best to at least 90%, I’ll gladly pay their suggested yearly Cam Plus rate. I’ve spent countless (no, I mean COUNTLESS) hours chasing better reliability over the years, bought extenders and an expensive new router, all with not improvement. In two separate locations, I even have two cameras aimed at the same area from different angles (4 total cameras), so as to provide a failsafe for detection - but - I sometimes get a delivery person right in center frame with no notification or triggered event. Plain as day on my SD cards. This happens with both the pair of cameras that are V3s/Cam Plus and those that are V2s. So, yes, the cameras work and are a value - but will never push 4 stars with the above kind of performance. Never used to be grumpy.

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Yes I am satisfied with my Wyze products, Currently have 4 V2 cams and 1 V2 pan cam and ordered a V3 cam, also have a few Wyze Plugs and a half dozen or so Wyze bulbs, Only thing I am disappointed when they brought out the Wyze Sense V2 though where you need a monitoring service to use it, had the V1 for 2 years before they finally wore out, and don’t want the monitoring service so will wait for maybe V3 where I don’t need to have it monitored by some outside company, Don’t use the Cam Plus because I don’t see a need for it, and when I had it as a free trial never used it so for me at least not worth the added cost.

I would be really happy if I could control the time the cams record. I thought I owned the cameras out right and should be able to set record time to what I want, not Wyze.

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I WAS happy. I have 2 Outdoor Cams that I bought less than one year ago. Both no longer work properly. They continuously detect motion and record constantly. This happened spontaneously with both of them. I opened a ticket but was unable to resolve the issue. Because I am in Canada and got them through Amazon I could not return them under warranty.

So - while I was happy with them originally, it didn’t last long. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I have 19 Wyze cameras of various models. I started using them when the V1 came out. I have one camera that has quit but all of the rest work great.
I have cam plus on 2, on my front porch and it’s okay not great. The AI is a work in progress but they are getting better, adding features constantly. To do what these little cameras do for this money is quite amazing. True security cameras with night vision are hundreds of dollars not including the recorder you use with them, so if you aren’t happy go on and jump for a few of those.
And I have a dozen friends that are using them after seeing mine.
I installed security for years and for the cost these are unbeatable.
The V3’s and now thw CamPan 2 have some of the best night vision I have ever seen.
And if anyone thinks cameras (at any cost) are the end-all for security you are wrong. For complete security you need a security system that is monitored by a legitimate, licensed monitoring company.
Successful thieves wear clothing and gloves that hide their identity and if the perps have no arrest record your chances of catching them is less than slim.