Is 2fa down?

Have not received my code on primary or secondary phone #'s. Can’t log back in to do anything currently.

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It appears to be at the moment… Can confirm, not receiving codes after we were booted from the app.

Wyze seems to have logged everyone out of their account. See this thread below:

I’d give it a few. Their 2FA service may be inundated with requests at the moment. They haven’t confirmed it, but I think they just nullified every login token globally, as a security precaution.

Thanks all. I’ll wait for more updates.

Same here.

From Wyze:

As of 5:00 p.m. Pacific, we received word that our 2FA servers have been overloaded by requests and people may have trouble logging in until later. We are working on resolving this issue now.

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Same here. Can’t log in and still haven’t received text for 2fa, it’s been 20 mins.

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Same. I (all of us) do rely on these cameras for some serious security and not being able to check what’s going on around our property is really sad. Please fix this and let us know what kind of data breach did you have? And which users were affected?


They’ve addressed it here, and will continue to post updates as they’re available:

So far, they haven’t been able to verify a data breach, but they’ve taken precautionary measures.


Same having issues.

Currently still an issue logging in. Haven’t recieved any texts and any attempts to reset a password has been unsuccessful since the app says the code I used is invalid even though I’ve used the one they sent from email within minutes of recieving it.

Hello @xletmelive267x and welcome to the community.

I am sorry you are having issues, they should clear up with some time. They reset all the login tokens to be safe. Information can be found here

I already had two step authentication set up prior to this situation. I never recieved my code through text and still waiting for it to be sent to my mobile. None of the things suggested in that fourm to get into my account is working.

Their SMS service or provider has either cut them off or their server is down. Maybe a good time to add some other method like Google authenticator or a more robust text service.

The main thing to do right now is wait until the service can get caught up to the amount of people logging in

I’m getting this error when I try to login to the app.
“please enter a valid number”.

Everyone here is getting same error message?

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Yes, it appears so. Just be patient and try again after a few hours.

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Yes most are getting that message, some are getting through that but not getting the code. The best thing to do is, as @nerdland stated, just be patient.

I’d guess their text service has either cut them off of crashed. Or their 2fa service crashed. No one can get in. Bad message but time to wait.