2 identification not working

Is anyone elses 2 identification not working? It says " enter correct number. " It sent me code via text when I set it up though. Any tips how to get into my app again?

Hello @Meg and welcome to the community.

I am sorry you are having issues. As a precautionary measure WYZE reset the login tokens forcing everyone to log in again. The service is just bogged down and should clear up in time. Further information can be found here

Thanks, my husband is not having issues but he did not set up the 2 identification process either. I wondered if it had something to do with the breech concern. It’s the first time I’m trying to log in after setting up the 2 ND layer of security.

Yes they were not able to verify a breach yet but they decided to proactively take some measures just in case and logging everyone out was one of those measures.

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Hi everyone, I’m closing this thread. Please see the below thread and continue the conversation there. Because everyone’s token was reset, the 2FA servers are being overloaded with people trying to log back in. It’s essentially now a DDOS by the user community.