IR remote for bulbs

Make a bulb that can be controlled by an IR remote AND the app. Sometimes I don’t want to fiddle with my phone to turn off a light. For example, right before bed. A remote is simple and does not require WiFi.

Not a terrible idea, but I much prefer Alexa voice control.

I like the idea of something being local and not needing internet. I am always supportive of that, then they can work even when internet is not reliable.

Until then, you can actually link the current bulbs to something like a contact sensor in a little bracket.

I do this for TONS of my bulbs. I have them so when I flip it up it turns on the lights, and when I flip it down it turns off the light just like a normal light switch, only it is totally portable. I can stick them to the wall or bring them next to me on the bed or the couch. I can do it with Wyze rules or with Alexa. Works great as a work around for now if you have any contact sensors.

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If you have too much money but want the solution without WiFi? Try


It says it uses internet…I couldn’t find anything on the site explicitly saying it will work locally…but it does say it works with Alexa, and Alexa works with Wyze, so this button could be used to work with Wyze Bulbs through Alexa Routines.

Personally, I’d much rather make my own button with a Wyze Contact sensor or something, but others would find this thing useful.

It uses Bluetooth. After you initially set it up, you can use just your phone to connect/bridge to it, but you have to leave your Flic app running. Or buy the hub and you don’t need to keep your phone app running.

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That flicko thing is exactly what I want to get away from. It’s just more stuff that needs to be set up.

I already have a non wyze bulb in my bedroom that is only controlled by an IR remote. My wife doesn’t want to mess around with the Wyze app to turn off the lights or set a different color to watch tv. It makes sense to have the option to be very simple to control a light via a remote, but then have the option to control with the app and wyze devices like the watch and exercise band.

The problem with IR remotes is they require line of sight to the sensor. Obviously that would be a problem for a light bulb that is inside the shade of a table lamp, or the cover of a ceiling light.

By the way, there are RF to IR bridges, so you could actually set up a system to control those existing lights of yours via an app. Unfortunately, IR gives you no feedback as to whether the command was successful or not unless you are close enough to see the light.

I expect if anyone made the type of device you are requesting, it would use an RF remote.

I have a smart socket that is controlled via both WiFi and and a RF remote, but the remote is simply an on/off switch. On the plus side, it is powered by kinetic energy (pushing the switch) and requires no battery!

Yeah an RF remote would be way better. That’s a good idea.

i wish they would create a generic remote with programable buttons labeled 0-9 that you can setup in the app. it would use wifi or bluetooth and be set up much like the contact sensor using ifttt to: turn on lights, lock the door, start camera recording, etc…

Don’t the programmable shortcut/routine icons in the app accomplish that? Some of that may also extend to Alexa widgets…