IR lights on a V3

I have just read that bugs are not attracted to IR lights, does anyone know if this is true or not.
When I use my V3 at night with the IR lights on I see LOTS of bugs, are they attracted to the lights or are there always that many bugs flying around and the camera is just picking them up?

Bugs are VERY attracted to IR light, they will be attracted to the cam when the IR light is on


I thought they were, thats why I was confused when I read the article.

My plan was to install a camera close to my bug zapper, hopefully kill a few more and get to see it on video!


Depending on the environment you may not need the IR lights. The v3 has a very good sensor in it, the IR lights on mine never turn on because there is enough ambient light for it to get a good image


I have dumb bees that must think the camera is a flower too…

IR LEDS are Off on this V3


I seem to have a problem with bats flying around the camera. Not sure if they’re attracted by the lights, which I doubt, or more likely the insects that like IR.


That’s cool!

I have multiple “visits” and videos during every night. Seems like it might be a pair searching for some place to make a nest.

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The bats are eating the flying snacks, I get that all the time too…

It would help if you pointed us to this suspect article… :slight_smile:

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I was aware that certain insects see portions of the IR spectrum. However, after having multiple cameras attacked by BIRDS (mostly roadrunners and woodpeckers), I erroneously I thought birds had the same visual IR awareness. But, after speaking with ornithologist, because bird do not have visual acuity in the IR spectrum (like humans), the attacks are likely due to simple lens reflections and territorial issues.

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I have similar experience with insects and spiders.
I’m not sure they are really attracted to the IR lights. I assumed the heat which radiates from the camera when they are permanently on also attracts them as a good nesting/resting place.

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Hmm, it may be more up for debate than I thought. While mosquitoes are attracted to IR/heat looking for a blood lunch, other insects supposedly don’t really see / care, although they are attracted to UV light.

Perhaps the IR is “only” reflecting off bugs that are swarming there anyway, but my own experience indicates otherwise. They definitely seemed attracted to the V2 lights, and once I turned them off my night time false positives went immediately from "a whole lot* to essentially zero.

Any interesting citations?

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