IP Logs

I’m investigating a suspected compromise of my cams. I sent a message to support asking for a list of IP addresses that have accessed my cams during a specific one hour time frame. My request was denied for “privacy and security” reasons. Since access authorization is outside of my control (I can’t even whitelist) I have to find a way to log the IPs myself. I’ll try and set this up on my router. I have 2fa on and changed my password of course, but I could only do so from my phone, which may also be compromised. I’d feel better if the reason I was denied the IP list was because IPs are not logged, but that wasn’t implied in the response I got. I just wanted to share my story so you are aware that you won’t have the option if you find yourself in the same boat one day.

I’d also like to ask for advice on how to deal with this, and ask if anyone else has been through a similar experience. Right now, with hackers bypassing 2fa with help from inside companies and after just reading the terms of use agreement that absolves Wyze from any scrap of liability, I feel pretty helpless. For those of you who are thinking I should have known better, I totally agree. I bought the cams because they were cheap and I don’t have much to spend. I guess I got what I deserve.

Thanks everyone for your time. I hope this post enhances your security awareness, maybe motivates some of you turn on 2fa, and/or tighten up the old firewall and avoid a compromise. It’s tough to think about, but what if someone was watching you on your own cams? How would you know?