iOS V1.3.134 Released to Public

Hi all,

We released iOS V1.3.134 to public today. It fixes the crash in live streaming. With limited testing, we have also seen the audio is back on LTE and possible skipping frames are less or gone. We really hope you can help us check these two areas as well. The changes include:

  • Fixed an issue that caused app crashes when live streaming
  • Alert notifications now take the user directly to the videos instead of the alert video list
  • Added clear cache option
  • Remember user’s last alert schedule setting that is not all day
  • Some UI changes
  • Other bug fixes


Hey there LikeWyze,

All the above changes seem to be working…especially the LTE choppy video fix! I will keep trying these to make sure the fixes are consistently working as advertised. Thanks!

Note: I intended this to be a reply to the OP, sorry about that. I changed the body of the reply to “(deleted)” and then tried a second time to reply directly to the OP, but couldn’t save it. Something amiss with the Forum software or is just me?

Regarding bullet #2 above in the OP … I just tapped an Alert notification and it took me to and played the clip. Very convenient. After viewing, I then swiped to view the previous notification video and I wasn’t taken to it (I’ll try again when I get my next Alert to confirm it’s not operator error). Is swiping left/right after having come directly from an Alert notification supposed to work? I know that swiping works nicely (and is a real time saver) when I launch the App and select Notifications.

@LikeWyze - off-topic here, but as I’ve mentioned a couple of times in other threads, about 3 weeks ago I completely stopped receiving follow-up email replies from the Forum, even though I’m subscribed to the topic(s). They’re definitely not being flagged/filtered as Spam on my ISP’s email server, they’re simply not being sent to me by the Forum any longer. For example, if you reply to my message here, I will not receive an email notifying me that you’ve done so. Is this something the Wyze team can follow-up on to help me resolve? Thanks.


Hi, milehiguy, great question for #2 ‘jump directly to alert video’ feature. We didn’t think about that scenario. One question before we make any change for it - If you swipe left or right, do you expect to see alerts for all cameras or just this camera? We don’t have an alert list at this time. :slight_smile:

For the forum notification issue, I will follow up with our forum/website owner. Hope they can resolve your issue soon. Thanks!


My iPhone 6S just loaded 1.3.134 and it seems to be working fine. I did notice that you moved local storage into a sub-menu which startled me until I saw that there was a sub menu for it. I’m watching one of my cameras at home (my WiFi via Spectrum cable) from work (WiFi via DSL) and it’s working perfectly. Not much going on, so all that is moving is my flags moving a little in the breeze - sometimes, and the timestamp.

Thank you and appreciate the quick feedback!

Is there an update for those with the Beta app?

We will update iOS beta probably next week. There is another planned update end of the month.

All cameras or just this camera … GREAT QUESTION! I didn’t think about that. Hmmm … I’m inclined to say “All” but others may disagree. ?

Thanks for passing along the info concerning the strange forum (non) notification issue. As expected, I received no email that you’d replied.

I didn’t think about it either until you brought it up. I am inclining to go for all as well, or don’t allow swiping. Thanks for the feedback.

I assume it will take some time to resolve your notification issue. I heard it happens to some customers who registered during a specific period. That is all I know.

I think I’ll reiterate my vote for “All”. If I’ve had, say, three alert notifications that have come in and have blown off the first two, but tap the third to view immediately, it sure would be nice to quickly swipe to view the other two. Anyway, lots of nice updates lately. ?

Ever since downloading the new App v1.3.134 I have encountered a problem with playback it keeps being interrupted about every minute or so with a message "Authentication (2/3) , it stops the playback and goes to screen capture of current view, if I push back on the slider then playback resumes, this is happening on both my devices iPhone 8 and Apple tablet.

As anyone encountered a similar problem on playback?

Hi @flacousa62 would you be able to produce this error twice and submit an app log? It is important to keep the app running between these errors (though it does not have to be your active app). After having this happen twice, please go to My Account -> Help & Feedback -> tap the green ‘Feedback’ button at the bottom of this page. This will give you a short forum to fill out, though we only need the Issue and descriptions filled out. This will convert into an email, once this is sent it will open a ticket with our support, please let me know the ticket number you are given so I can grab up the ticket.


Thanks in advance!


Thanks for looking into my report, per your request I tried tonight to duplicate the problem in Playback and was unable to so, if it happens again I will follow the steps to capture the problem in the log and file a report from the App.