IOS Beta v2.21.26 - Cam v3's - "Multi Camera View"

When viewing the cameras on a network with multiple IOS devices, I.e., 5 ipads all showing the “4” cameras… The cameras either lose connection, disconnect or require you to hit the play arrow to restart the feed.

The view from the 4 cameras is not consistent or stable making the view on the ipads useless…

Any suggestions or questions to troubleshoot?

Off hand, you are likely chocking your WiFi. That makes 20 video streaming feeds at the same time over your WiFi. If you’re not chocking your WiFi, you could also be having the cameras running out of capacity to handle live feeds to five phone at the same time. Try having all five phone watching only a single camera - and make it all the same camera. If the one camera can feed all five phones at the same time, then it is most likely not the camera. If the one same camera can’t feed five live feeds at the same time, then you have found the limitation of the cameras. I doubt most users are trying to watch the same camera from five phones at the same time.
As a test - if you have many cameras - have different phones viewing different cameras. For example have phones 1 & 2 watching cameras 1, 2, 3, & 4; while phones 3 & 4 are watching cameras 4, 6, 7, & 8; and phone 5 is watching cameras 9, 10, 11, & 12. If it is a WiFi problem, the issue will still show up, but if it’s a camera problem, it won’t.


Thanks for the response I havent done all the testing you suggested, yet, and I agree with your methodology a couple of points. The wifi network is a plume mesh network and has enough capacity… but I am going reach out to plume to give me specific stats just out of curiousity.

The second thing that is running through my mind is do the video feeds get distributed through network.

What codec do the wyze cameras use, is it efficient, new, i.e., MPEG4/h.264 AVC or ?
Does it support network Multicast / IGMP (IGMP Snooping)?

I suppose these become two very important points?

I don’t really know what the protocol is, and if is using Multicast. I don’t think it uses Multicast. I say that because I have watched traffic on my LAN, and I don’t think it was multicast. I’m not at home right now, but that is easy enough for me to test later tonight.

are you running the beta and will you be able to enable multicast/igmp and confirm if the hardware/software uses it?

Does the Wyze Beta team monitor these posts they should be weighing in?

Yes, I have the latest Beta on these camera / firmware types: V2 with RTSP, V2 without RTSP, Pan with RTSP, and V3. I have the ability to watch cameras on at least three devices (maybe 4), and can easily watch packets with either WireShark, or the packet capture built into my non-consumer grade router.

Cool :slight_smile: Thanks! I’m thinking they need to support Multicast to overcome this type of issue! And they need to be the multicast servers support IGMP… not sure what the best way to implement might be but it definitely needs to be thought about.

In my use case just put a few ipads around the property to look at the cameras in split 4 view (that needs to be able to be changed too :slight_smile:

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