Too Many Caneras' on one system's

I have 8 camera V2 type on my system. I can never get all 8 camera to work at the same time. I go around and unplug the camera’s which is usually 3 not working. I have Comcast 1 GB system and 6 pods for WiFi connection. can the system only handle 5 camera at one time? I have asked them to check my system out and it coms back ok. I have spent 30 minutes and I still have one camera offline after I recycled the power it twice. I’m ready to find a better solution to my camera system. even if it cost me more. !

I have 21 cameras on my WiFi at home, and all are working.
So I thought, maybe you could not put more than five cameras in a single group. I have one camera group with six camera, but I added eight more for a total of 14 cameras in the one group. Of course you can only see four at a time, but scroll the group to see each four cameras. Working fine.
Off hand, I would be more inclined that you are having a limitation with either your WiFi or whatever is operating as your DHCP server maxing out.


I’m a bit confused. All eight cameras show up on the home button in the WYZE app iPhone. I tap on the camera and it takes two minutes for the camera to start working. But I can nerve get all eight to work for more than day at best. But, how do you group the camera using the WYZE app? The problem is not know how these cameras operate on a WIFI system. Why does the app offline cameras? I’m working with the top of line Comcast internet & WIFI system. too. So I ready to seek a better system.

what router are you using?

the only thing that comes to mind is the limit many isp supplied routers run into of how many devices can be connected at once. we have run into that many many times. there are so many other possible variables though. you seem to have more than enough bandwidth, give us a little more background on your setup.

If you are using xfinity’s router/wifi, then that is most likely the issue. Either settings need modified or you need to get your own wifi router. I always had issues with wifi and speed with xfinity’s default router they supply. Connected my own router and disabled xfinity’s wifi and performance was like going from dialup to broadband.

I realize wifi routers provide an irresistible low-hanging fruit for troubleshooting, but at some point, it has to be acknowledged that the problem lies with Wyze. My support tickets, when I finally get a reply, are composed of nothing more than “did you try cycling the power”. Beyond that, everything is blamed on wifi. What does it take to get someone to acknowledge the cameras are failing and it needs to be addressed?

To the OP, I am seeing a trend of more Wyze cams equals poorer reliability. There is another thread on here complaining about the excessive number of DNS lookups they are seeing from the cams, which someone else tried to downplay. At this point in development, the issue should not exist.

Ok I have used two Xfinity routers and have the same issues with the WYZE cameras. So these routers/Wifi devices from Xfinity are defective. Now I test my wifi and I never get 1 GB (maybe 600mb) and sometime down to 10-20 mb, and I suspect my interest cable maybe problematic, too. I have got signal quality messages from services, too. And problems with lack of bandwidth or whatever causes the picture to delay the sound. So I could be dealing with two issues: Xfinity and WYZE cameras. But I can’t see how off the self router would solve my problems. Thanks for the input, I;'ll keep trying to solve the problem before I seek other equipment for now.