How many WyzeCam v2's can I use?

Curious what the maximum number of WyzeCams (v2) I can use before I run into issues?

There’s really no limit on the number of cameras you can use since the Wyze app connects to only one camera at a time. See this thread for comments from other users, some who are using more than a dozen cameras without issues:

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I have 20 and have not had a problem with the cameras.

Theoretically your only limitation would be the number of devices that your WiFi router will allow, ~250. 255-the router and any other necessary devices.
If you reach that limit let me know, there are ways around that too. :smile:

I have actually seen a user state they had 210 cameras if I recall. They said it disappeared once they hit 211. I cannot seem to find the thread. I am not sure what came of that.

Most of the time if you have admin control of your router you can change the subnet to a class 23 subnet in your router for a max # of 512 clients…

Great subnet cheat sheet

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You still old school subnet with VLANS? With VLANS it eliminates the need for the different subnet masks anymore.

Every vlan still has its own subnet.

Subnet masks on VLANS are always The days of /xx are over. :slight_smile:

Unless you have 10+ year old equipment.

Im sorry, that just isn’t true.

Basically, if you want the networks separate you can use vlans to separate them, but if you want one big network with a lot of clients you change the subnet mask in order to allow a bigger up address range.

Large companies do not use old school subnetting. They only use the router for ASA and access lists of the firewall does not handle it.

You use one centeral mask and VLAN out by using NAT. It helps with security and IP management.

It also reduces static IP costs from the ISP.

Also to note is virtualized environments do not work well with old school subnetting. I have my home router set up this way and have not had one issue with it.

This is just an example link:

Also with VLANS, each gateway is different per the VLAN ID.

But getting off topic. You can put up as many cameras as your network can handle internally.


That’s why I said; :smile:

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Yes. I do wonder if the person ever found the fix to the 211 cameras with their cameras disappearing?

I didn’t read that one. :slight_smile: