Camera feeds issue

I’m asking here for people to respond to this only if they have had issues trying to view camera feeds from multiple devices simultaneously.

Others who don’t have this issue have expressed the view that my Wi-Fi is weak or other. That may be the case BUT that’s why I’m asking others to reply to this post Only if they have had the issue I am reporting so I can see what we may have in common.
I don’t wish to annoy anyone who has expressed their opinions before, I’m just looking for a different points of view. With all due respect. Thanks


I am using the latest app released today. Problem began before this or the previous app I’m just looking for an answer as stated above in my post,Thanks

All the issues stared with 2.38.3. Wyze released 2.38.4 yesterday that fixed Error (Code-1), but introduced new bug where the single cameras in a group fail to connect. I’m guessing you are having the same issue.

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Habib, I’m not having that issue but rather looking for input from others on an ongoing issue prior to latest releases regarding problems viewing camera feeds from multiple devices simultaneously for reasons other than weak signal strength

Not many if anyone has your issue, so you might want to describe your WiFi router (mfgr, model) and Internet connection (vendor, speeds).

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As @Newshound said above, you issues seam unique.

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Thanks Newshound, It appears you are correct by lack of response to this post.

My speed tests are excellent (fiber optics)
450-500 mbps normally
I have a new Netgear Orbi with satellite.
Not getting any camera disconnects

It’s only when I try to connect simultaneously to all 5 feeds from 2 devices that I have an issue. Can only watch from 1 device at a time. Then it’s perfect always. Try watching from another device simultaneously and only 1 connects at a time.

Are there any error prompts you can screen capture?

What app version are you on? ‘Latest’ doesn’t really work, as there is a latest for the production app, a latest for the Beta app, and a latest for devices that can’t run the current app. And all that assumes you really know what the latest is for all those. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I’m deciding to wait until the latest version gets stable and see if my issue goes away. I appreciate you trying to help but I’m good for now

As I said before, try and investigate what is causing your issue. I bet is some setting in either your router or the iOS. Good luck.

Thanks for your indulgence, Habib. I’ve been over everything I’m able to and have not completely resolved this. Including phone conversations with my fiber internet provider and Router manufacturer.

I was hoping to find others with this issue by posting this earlier. Then I might have learned from their experiences. But, it looks like that’s not happening. :frowning_face:

I bet is something so simple and easily overlooked. Have you tried to have either or both iOS devices on a data (bypassing local WiFi) and see if the problem persists?

Habib- Trying your suggestion right now. Video feeds loaded on both iPad and iPhone, but like before was slow to load on second device then sometimes drops feed on one or more cams (on one or the other devices). Switched back to Wi-Fi on both and exact same behavior.

Right now I have feeds from all cams (5) on both iPhone and iPad. Thats good. Not sure why or how long it will last before feeds start to drop, but looking good now for last 5 minutes. I’ll keep monitoring all 5 cams on both devices for as long as they remain stable tonight.

Still looking good after 15 min. (Continuing to monitor)

Update on Camera Feeds Issue:

At this point I am better off than previously in that I am able to watch all 5 camera feeds from both my iPhone and iPad simultaneously. Below is what I am seeing after testing monitoring all 5 cameras;

With only one device monitoring all 5 cameras I rarely see a disconnect

With both iPhone and iPad monitoring all 5 cams I Do get frequent disconnect but usually only 1 or 2 cameras at a time and they are often the same cameras that are disconnecting. When they disconnect, it’s usually on the iPhone and not iPad (but not always).

Also, from prior testing I am no longer using Smart Plugs on my cameras. This is because I found that the cams by themselves are NOT going OFFLINE. However, with Smart Plugs attached I have found that the Smart Plugs ARE going OFFLINE (couple times a week) and must be unplugged and re plugged to get them back online which can’t be done remotely.

Hopefully, I am clear with what’s going on here and am very grateful for the input you guys have given me to get to where I am now.
Thanks, tlhutch4

The above could be contributed to network and internet stability. Don’t forget, you are trying to view five cameras on two devices, that’s like viewing 10 cameras. Packet drop is bound to happen here and there.

As mentioned by others as well, change to non Wyze brand of plugs if you want remote power cycle capabilities.

All the best and I’m happy that you are satisfied with the performance.

I heard you before and now but I’m not feeling the need for any smart plugs on my cams.
I do however use Wyze Smart plugs on numerous lights throughout my property with no problem whatsoever.
It’s only been on the cams where I’ve had smart plug offline issues. As I said, I feel I don’t need smart plugs on my cams at this point. If I decide I need them somewhere down the road then I’ll try Kasa. Thanks

Without sounding like a broken record, if other plugs are functioning properly and only the ones that power the cams are falling off, looks like the location could be causing that.

In any case, all the best. Glad you made everything work for you :+1: