iOS App Version 2.18.44 Released - 3/31/21

Howdy, Forum Friends!

We have an app release for iOS going out today. Version 2.18.44 fixes a bug that caused the Wyze Cam Outdoor location permission popup to happen when not using Travel Mode. This popup now only happens when it is needed. Thank you for your patience!

Read our Release Notes:


What is travel mode?

Travel Mode is the feature that allows you to roam around and record with the camera away from WiFi and the Base Station! Here’s an article with more information:

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Hi @refisk Travel Mode is an option for the Wyze Outdoor Camera (WOC) allowing you to operate without an internet connection. The WOC also has an internal battery for power.

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Thanks guys!

I wonder if that will fix the problem with the non-traveling doorbell?

I’m going to guess, no. This morning, April Fools Day, I woke up to no less than nine app updates, one iOS update and “No Sleep Data” on my watch. Really?

And no, after installing all the updates I still get request for turning on Location services for “Weather” when I go to Wyze Watch 47. I’ve even manually selected a city so the weather will be should be more accurate.

still cant save CamPlus videos in HD …