Invasion of the

Is there a specific reason wasps love these cameras haha. I feel like someone is training them to block out the view. Can I get an anti-wasp attachment Wyze?

Same here. I noticed alot of wasps and even flies too love the cameras. They just hovering around the camera and I have no idea what they are attracting to the camera. Maybe red light? Or something.

Oh didn’t think about that that might be why

it’s black. it look like a hollow hole…the type of thing they might nest in. this is why they are attracted to it. :slight_smile:


Last summer I pulled up the live stream on one of my v2 cams and the view was totally blacked out. I was very puzzled at first until I went outside to investigate. I looked up at my camera only to see a big fat fuzzy bumblebee resting comfortably right in the middle of camera lens. :thinking: I grabbed the broom and sent him on his way. Unfortunately, it happens quite often in the summer with the bees.

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It’s just crazy to me. But I’m glad I’m not alone