Does the design attract wasps?

I have a few v2’s outside (though covered from rain). I’ve noticed that flying insects, primarily wasps, like to bump up against them.

I can understand it at night because of the IR emitter drawing them in.

But during the day, IR is off. So why would they be interested in my little wyze cams?

Well, I think maybe the black circle on a white box, looks like a hole that insects would want to go inside to build a nest.

I’m thinking of trying an experiment. Masking off the lens, and then spray-painting a couple of my cams matte black, to see if they get less daytime bug strikes.

Is there anything I should be worried about damaging with black spray paint? Or are there dis-assembly instructions somewhere, so I don’t need to mask, and can be more sure I won’t spray the circuitry inside?

I’ll see if this affects reliability (I’m thinking about heat from the sun) and report back my results here in a month or two. But would wyze consider moving to a matte black finish in the future? Maybe next time there’s a big model bump, to add differentiation?

This might be a relatively free design change that would make your product more suitable for outdoor use eventually.