Does your Wyze Cam 2 attract wasps?

Am I the only one who gets about 6 notifications per day of just wasps buzzing the lens? I know it is not really meant for outside use, but its well covered by the front porch roof. The only problem has been the wasps. I’ve adjusted the motion sensitivity, but that hasn’t helped. Maybe I need to look into wasp repellents?

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Oh yeah - but worse than wasps are carpenter bees. Those are noisy and nosy rascals. I’m sure the wasps and bees are looking for a place for a nest. If you find wasp repellents please let me know. As for the carpenter bees, I do have traps, and they do work, but first the bee must check out my wise cam.

Did anybody ever find a fix for problems with wasps? Some of my cameras are just useless because wasps repeatedly set off their motion detection.

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LOL, I have had wasps buzz around my Ring Floodlight Cam a few times, but not a big deal.

Now I am interested in carpenter bee traps! They’ve made a mess of the fascia board below my roofline! Never thought to look for a trap… googling…

Has anyone tried making the camera all black? My guess is that wasps and birds are attracted to what looks like a “hole”. If it was all black, gaffers tape, vinyl wrap, painted, black construction paper, etc. it would not appear like a hole, an my conjecture is that they would be less attracted to it. But if someone that currently has the problem can test, that would be useful to know if it helps, at least for other users with cameras outside.

Bought all my carpenter bee traps locally - hardware store, neighbor, etc. They’re all wood - simply a ‘birdhouse’ shape with holes drilled in each side. The trick is the holes go up at an angle. There’s either a fruit jar or water bottle attached to the bottom - whichever size opening there is. Just unscrew it to empty it. I usually empty mine ever week or two. I have LOTS of carpenter bees. Three traps on my back deck and one on the front porch. Two of mine are made of cedar and they seem to attract the bees the best. Pics below bright sun so not the best time of day to take pics but you get the idea. If you click on the pictures you’ll see a number of bees in 2 of them.

I recently climbed up to where my camera was and realized that the pillar next to it is open on the top. Turns out there are two massive wasp nest inside of it. That explains why they’re always around it! I’ve sealed it off so we’ll see if they are as bad in the spring.

I am guessing that the bees and other insects and birds are attracted to the cameras because of low level noise they emit. I get hummingbirds going up to my cameras as well as every bee and wasp. Humming birds are attracted to low level buzzing… Every camera manufacturer has people asking the same question.