Wyze wasps

What is it with one of my V3’s and wasps? nearly every day and sometimes more than once, they feel the need to get on camera. They auditioning for a movie or what? Not nest building, just checking it out and flying away.

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I have that problem as well. Every summer the bees are buzzing around or on my cams. They may see their reflection in the lens, your guess is good as mine. :man_shrugging: Several other threads about wasps as well.

You can add my V3s to the “wasp watch” list. :smiley:

they are constantly looking for a place to nest. and a circular black thing ( lens) on the white housing I would guess looks like a darn nice piece of property to build on to a little wasp contractor.
now just to get the necessary permits…

hey wait a minute…there isn’t a hole here…

then they buzz back to the Wasp relator rather upset. this is the reality of the Wasp contractor.


lol. good one!

This was an interesting possiblity. Some of my cameras have recorded wasps making a bee line to my cameras from a great distance. (As far as the camera can see something as small as a wasp). My cameras are all mounted under the eaves of my house or a covered porch. Eaves and covered porches are the mainstays for wasps nests but where they build doesn’t appear to me to look anything like the cameras. Still you have made the best case I’ve seen so far. This is a topic for a number of other outdoor cameras made by other manufacturers so not unique to Wyze. I have not read anyone on any other forum give a better suggestion though. Do wish some wasp scientist would chime in though.

Add me to the Wasp/Hornet/Bee watch list too, it’s a common occurrence…

I don’t have much of a problem with wasps and my outdoor cameras (spider webs are different matter), but a friend of mine has such a terrible problem that they need regular cleaning of the bug crap on the lens (and when I’ve needed to take them down, the entire camera has been littered).

One difference is that my cameras are white (except the front), while hers are black.

I have no nests under the eaves but red wasps visit my Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras every few minutes. No other under eaves objects or areas just where the cameras are. Event after event no matter the settings. I have about determined there must be a sound from the board inside it or Bluetooth freq transmitted that they hear and are attracted to investigate.

I wanted to bee part of this thread.

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I have several different brands of these around the inside of the house looking out of a window. Wasp are seen to fly from a distance right to the lens. So they see or hear something???

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I’m with you on that, 5 Outdoor Cams and red wasps here are drawn to them. No nests close and they are foraging but soon as they hit an area with a Cam Outdoor they head straight for the lens and walk around on front of the camera for minutes before moving on. Return trips hourly may or may not be the same wasps.