Intruder on roof

I work a night security job about 10 miles from my Bldg, I live in an apt over my store. Right after 1am, I got a cam plus alert and brought up the video. I see one of the homeless people that wander thru my back alley, going up my stairs. He got on the roof and then turned around to go back down. That’s when he saw my Wyze Cam and knocks it out of the way.

That’s when I used “the voice of God” speaker and told him to get off my roof. He apologized and went right back down the stairs. But I could still hear him thru the cam cussing after he left the stairs.

I left my job and got to my place very quickly. I found the guy standing on the street corner (off cam) right by my Bldg. I called 911 and they sent 3 units to find him. He did take off but we caught up to him.

He tried to deny he went on my roof, except by then I had shown the video to the officers. Then he said he “bumped” into my cam, the officer called BS on that and told him he saw him hitting the cam on my playback. Because I have a (small) heart, I just had the officers give him a “trespass” and told him to quit climbing on roofs (apparently he’d been busted for the same thing a few days earlier).

The best part of the whole deal was the officers reaction to the crystal clear video playback. They couldn’t believe I had a night vision cam, with a motion detection zone for just my steps, no less the speaker that got him off my roof. And when they realized I got the alert in real time 10 miles away on my phone with plenty of time to react and deal with it they were blown away. And when I told them how much I paid for it they didn’t believe me.

I still have 6 more cams to install on my Bldg (I just have to run power to them), but with the folks strolling down my back alley at all hours, this system has already paid for itself. Great system, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Sorry for no clip, this site won’t let a new user upload. But it is pretty cool

Paul Sanchez


Well played. Glad it all worked out for you. And hopefully he learned a lesson in this whole ordeal.

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Hello, @TheChez

That’s a terrific story, thanks for sharing it. I’d really like to see your video sooner than later :face_with_monocle:.

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I’m looking forward to your “Intruder On Roof” Wyze Cam Capture.

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Impressive write-up. Glad it all worked out. Can’t wait to see the footage.

Warning, the language in this video is NSFW. But it’s funny as hell…

Thanx for the nice comments about my writeup, the video is below. BTW, I couldn’t load this directly to the Wyze Forum website because…

Wait for it…

The video file was too good and the file size was too large! This is funny to me be because it shows the level of quality of the recordings. I’ve shown this video to others since this happened and everyone is blown away by the quality, by the fact that you don’t need a base station/DVR to run it, and how low the price was. When I explain that I bought an 8 camera system w/the outdoor housings for less than $300, and only pay about $16 a month for all 8 to run with the Cam Plus features, well they want the website.

My boss at the place I guard has at least 40 cameras on the property and wants to install more. I showed him this video and when he realized I caught this while on the job 10 miles away and still busted the guy, he decided to use this in the future (And no, he didn’t fire me for running home to catch this clown, we’re friends and gives me lots of leeway when I need it :wink: ).

Bottom line for this novel of a note, I do not sell these for a living, I get no compensation at all from Wyze. And those who know me, know that I won’t endorse a product that doesn’t live up to it’s buzz. The Wyze Cam system not only lives up to and exceeds the hype, the price is so low that you almost have no choice but to buy it. If you’re considering a security system for your home or business, go to and see what they have, it’s worth your time to look, and you will almost certainly find a set up that will get the job done.

Oh, one other note in case you were wondering; the camera he hit to knock it off line didn’t suffer a scratch or glitch at all. I had to re-position it and we were back in business.

Last note, sometime soon I’ll add the Wyze Home Monitoring system to my bldg. The price looks VERY low as compared to the other home monitoring companies and provides live monitoring by a call center to dispatch 1st Responders if needed within seconds. Normally, I’d be concerned about the low price while claiming so much, but with what I have learned about this company, I’m sure it will get it done for a fraction of the big company cost. While I can’t endorse the monitoring system now because I haven’t got it yet, I’m sure that when I do you’ll see another review like this one.

Wow, a company that makes a quality product that does what it should and much more, all while NOT ripping us off on the price. In this day and age, who’d of thunk?!

Great job Wyze!

BTW, yes, I’m a real person, not a fake name from the company to post a rave review. You can check out my workshop FB page to see I am real @InHonorOfYou

Paul "Chez " Sanchez
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That was great! Thanks for sharing! thumbsup

Wow! Clear audio of you warning the intruder to get off the roof! Love it!