Wize Cam my guard Angel

On Friday, June 18 at 5:15 am, the surveillance camera detected the presence of a person whose face could not be seen. He himself entered through the balcony of my apartment, when I realized the alarm of the camera in my cell, I went to the living room to check what was happening and when I turned on the light the person ran away without being able to identify him. Thanks to the Wize Cam the situation was not worse.


Welcome to the Wyze community @elydavid68!
Good think you have that camera!
I’m extremely happy that nothing bad happened to you in this situation!

Did you get any video?

Yes I got the video. But I can’t upload

@Brlepage can you help with this?

I will tag the @Mods, they might be able to escalate your trust level.

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I elevated the trust level. Thanks.