Integration of Wyze watch with Wyze Home Products

Please add functionality to the watch and Watch app to provide control or actuation of Wyze Smart Plugs, lamps, etc based on the sensor readings from the Watch.

Beyond Watch Shortcuts, the watch should optionally actuate Wyze products (or Nest Hub/Alexa devices) like smart plugs when the watch senses various situations.

For example in reporting the watch battery level, it would be helpful to provide selectable options:
A. when the watch sees a defined battery level (e.g. 20%, again at 10%), the app should send a text (“Charge the battery”),
B. it should send a signal to a smart plug “1” to turn ON when the battery is less than say 20%, and OFF when exceeding say 80%.
This would automate a timer-based process to maintain the watch battery by switching on/off the watch charger.
C. As often requested, display a battery level on the watch face once the battery drops below a set point, say 20%.

Another example is if the watch senses a high acceleration event, a fall, the app would send a signal:
A) to turn ON Wyze Plug “2” (perhaps connected to a light or alarm), and/or
B) connect to Wyze Home Monitoring, and/or
C) send a text, make a phone call (to 911, phone contact, etc.).

Or if the heart rate changes (drops below/exceeds a set value), the watch would connect to Wyze home monitoring and/or turn ON Wyze smart plug “3”.

In summary- Provide settings in the app to activate smart plugs, etc. based on:

  1. Watch sensors - time, timers, alarms
  2. Watch sensors - watch battery level
  3. Watch sensors - heart rate
  4. Watch sensors - pO2
  5. Watch sensors - accelerometer/fall sensing
  6. Watch sensors - weather temperature readout value
  7. Of course other manually selected watch shortcuts to the Wyze ecosystem