Intangibles of the Wyze bulb usage

I’m looking to buy Wyze bulbs. But I’m not going to unless I know how to set them up tomorrow with my Wyze Cam V2 without any problems with connection issues. When I try to Google the topic and get answers, the whole issue is ignored. Am I speaking in tongues? Do you want me to? I didn’t think, at first that it was such an intangibles topic. Please reply. I’m not a patient person and I never ask twice.

You asked only 2 questions. It reads like speaking in tongues. You tagged the topic “bug” and “floor lamp”. Yet you indicate that you want to know how to set Wyze bulbs up tomorrow with your Wyze Cam v2. We don’t know what type of bulbs you wish to set up, nor what the association to a Wyze Cam v2 is. If you clarify, fellow forum users here are eager to help. There is also plenty of self-help including setup instructions on the Wyze support site:

Floor Lamp:
Bulb Color:
Intro to Rules:


Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @freethegypsies! :raising_hand_man:

As the header of your Topic Post indicates, this is your very first time posting anything to the Forum. So, I’m not really sure you ever asked anything the first time, let alone twice.

Depends on what you were asking Google to reveal. If it was the same as your Topic Title: “Intangibles of the Wyze bulb usage”, I can understand why Google would ignore you. What does that even mean?

Post what you want to know, the questions you have, and you might get some answers.