Installing Wyzecam on FireTV using TinyCam Pro

Yes, in a way. There is an Import / Export option that can save and retrieve camera setups from local storage, Dropbox, OneDrive, or your own NextCloud. TinyCam is a first class piece of software.

To reduce the amount of simultaneous streaming from the cameras you might want to consider using just one TinyCam Pro installation to grab the streams and then using its server functionality to relay a copy of the streams to the other Fire sticks.

Same problem, my Fire thingy doesn’t have a keyboard, and I don’t know how to enter the authentication code. It won’t let me click on it to get a keyboard.

Some apps don’t work with a Firestick V1. Will TinyCam Pro work with a first generation Firestick?

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Thanks a million! The step-by-step instructions were easy to follow. It was a little bit of a pain but not for the end result. Almost like I have a hardwired system but at a fraction of the cost. Now if we could just get the same on Roku.

You could point your Roku browser to TinyCam Pro’s web server…


I have TCP on my Android purchased thru the App Store. Is a separate license purchase required for use on the FireStick?

I think it is. I was so impressed with TinyCam that I was glad to pay the extra two bucks anyway. (There are periodic sales too.)

You might be able to sideload it though.

Yeah, probably will either way, just wanted to know before I got my arms too deep into the rabbit hole when I install.

I like the TCP layout on my Android (8 up), but the constant cam drops are almost a dealbreaker. And the new sideways doorbell cam feed is annoying. I can’t seem to get that fixed after Wyze fubar’d it with this last FW. Either my 8 up tile is sideways or my full view. Can’t find the settings to get them both to show right.

Hoping the Fire app is better.

Maybe you already have but you can futz with the stream profile settings…

I did fiddle with it a bit, with catastrophic results, and had to revert back. Need to find some time to learn the settings UI

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Yeah maybe me too. I thought I had lowered it but when I checked recently it was at “Main”.

When I changed it from the default, every Cam blanked.

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Do you know if this still works?

Also, I really am trying to stream the video to a remote linux server. I have local computers that can perform the first capture on the local network to transport to the remote server. Is there any GitHub software?

In case: remote linux is Raspberry Pi 4, 8GB, fast network, 32 bit arm7 libraries raspberry pi buster. I have a special display 256x64x24b RGB matrix.

Yes it still works, and works well… You don’t need additional items to perform a “first capture”. TinyCam redirects streams out via its own web service.

TinyCam is not open source so there would be no GitHub project I’m aware of.

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Thank you.

It would be nice if Wyze had an open interface with a 2FA. Im not going to put a tinycam port on the internet without docs stating my internet in uncompromised. I don’t care who grabs the video unless it gets bogged down.

I’m not clear on why you’re fine using closed the source Wyze camera and closed source Wyze app (which involves any number of 3rd party Internet servers to do its thing) and not okay using the closed source TinyCam app (which uses ZERO 3rd party servers and feeds video directly from your own device) ?

If you feel strongly about auditing sources I’d think you’d want to stick to other camera products and applications…

I’d like documentation and support. Just picking up any app and using it is risky. Yes, Wyze might be riskier but I have artificial confidence they will do the right thing due to their investment in IoT. If there’s tiny docs stating their interfaces are hardened and tested that goes a long way. The camera should really only have 1 stream. Its a critical edge resource. Ive got RPIs sitting around that can handle more streams.

Im not trying to show video on a tv, but on an RGB matrix driven by a linux. If tinycam connects and then has a webpage openly showing the video, i can pass that through the internet to my linux RGB matrix display.

If tinycam just displays on a firetv that is not useful to me.

I understand; I was wary myself but have learned to trust TinyCam. In fact its developer was later hired by Wyze! He also continues to run his own business independently apparently.

Again, TinyCam has its own web server (on your Android device) and compatibility layer to provide external streams if desired (emulating an Axis camera I think).

I also found out that I can use AppleTV to AirPlay my cams to my TV. It works perfectly.

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