Install from full website?

I want to install and setup the camera from full website on android rather than download the app. I dont have the app room currently. And need a new phone anyways. I want to hurry and set it up as people keep sneaking into my yard and stealing from my shed.

You must have the app installed on a device and set up an account, in order to set up cameras

Oh, bother! :-/ Alright. I will just have to wait until I get the new phone. I guess a laptop would not work? Thank you for your help.

Nope, sorry. A laptop won’t help either.

You can run an Android emulator on a laptop and run the Wyze app within that to view the cameras. I suppose you could try to setup that way, but I seriously doubt it would work given the limitations of the Android emulators. You could try though.

You would also have to monitor the camera from the emulator if you aren’t able to install the app on your phone.

You don’t happen to have an Android tablet or an iPad do you? That would work.

Me wishful thinking. :frowning: Thank you anyways.

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See my edited post above.