Inspired By not working

I’ve been trying to upload a video for the contest that ends on the 24th. Every time I go to the site I"m asked to create a new account. I have sent an email with the video yet not hearing back. Is it on my end? I have a really cute video I wanted to share and the contest ends soon. Please advise this not so tech savvy person. Thanks.

Edited to add: The video is just of those 2 raccoons fighting over food. I wouldn’t thing it breaks the TOS unless it’s because the logo isn’t showing on the video? I just don’t understand what I"m doing wrong. I’d like to be a part of sharing videos that I catch on here. I"m so sad.

Does anyone not know? I’m really disappointed in that feature as I’m also not getting any reply from CS on the issue. I’d love to be able to share some videos like others do on there and I know I probably won’t win the Wyze Day video contest but I sure would like to see my video uploaded and maybe some advice as to what’s going on or what is wrong with the video. Surely two raccoons grumbling over food is not again TOS? I’m not even getting answered on here. :frowning:

Most Wyze employees don’t work on the weekend. However, I have sent a message alerting them of the problem you’re having. Hopefully, they will see it on Monday. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I sent a ticket on the 1st and never heard back so not sure if it got lost or not.

Still not getting much help here on the issue.


Thanks. I sent her a FB message. Guess she isn’t in office. Ugh I really would have at least wanted a shot at the Wyze Day prizes. Guess that won’t happen now as chat support can’t figure it out. :frowning:

She is also on West coast time there, and works later in the day because she covers social media. So don’t give up yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok thanks. Hopefully I can at least get a shot at the Wyze Day contest. Those prizes look good especially when I care for feral cats and need to keep watch on them

Gwendolyn just responded to my ticket. Thanks for tagging her :slight_smile:


Although still not sure what is happening. No one can find the video I submitted on the first of October. :frowning:

I found the link you posted here on the forum maybe they can copy it.


Thanks. I was walked through the steps. They’re still sorting through videos to feature. I just thought the video was hilarious. That raccoon sure meant business huh? Everytime I view it again I laugh. That must be tough for Gwendolyn. I guess she’s the only staff member who handles social media huh?

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Okay, I LOVE this video and I’m glad I got to see it! Since you are already in contact with me through your support ticket, I think we’re set.

We still haven’t been able to reproduce the issue you’re running into on our end but emailing the file to us does the trick, too. As for the areas that I cover…

My work day technically goes between 10AM - 6PM PT Mon-Fri but you may see me bopping around and taking care of things that catch my attention outside of those hours. I try to limit that for the sake of good work/personal time boundaries.

The areas that I personally oversee are:

  • All Wyze Facebook groups
  • This forum
  • Twitter

I have some awesome people on the team that I’ve been training and they’ve been helping to take the pressure off/handle different areas. But I’m the chief responder for emergencies/important issues and I’m the backup person for if someone is out of the office.

It’s a lot but at least I’m not the only staff member handling social anymore! I did that for about a year and a half. :grin:


Yes, it is very funny. It sounded like cat. :rofl: