Initial questions...I'm confused

Maybe this is in the wrong forum, but this site is pretty confusing. I am interested in setting up a system. I anticipate one indoor camera and one outdoor unit. I have no Alexa or other similar devices.

Am I correct that I need remote AC power for these cameras? How do I do that? I have about a 100’ run for the outdoor camera.

Do the cameras work “Together” or are they independent of each other? If independent, Would they require a separate APP for each camera?

My questions should be covered somewhere on the sire or FAQ, but I’m not seeing anything.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Welcome to the Wyze Community @JJAYMZ!
Yes you are correct about needing AC power to each device. If you are actually 100 ft from an AC source that could be tough.There are after market cables galore available on Amazon that can be strung together but I believe a 100 ft run would have too much voltage drop to be reliable, if it even works at all.
Also,just for full disclosure these are not sold as 'outdoor cameras ’ and use that way will void warranty. That being said check our friend Mr. Amazon for outdoor enclosures.
There is an outdoor cam in the works but no release date yet. Don’t know yet but it might be battery powered. I use a 20000 ma solar battery pack to power mine when needed but it’s run time is limited - about 10-12 hours depending.

Phone Solar Charger,Yelomin 20000mAh Portable Outdoor Waterproof Mobile Power

There are many options for this type of thing but remote battery might be your best bet. Again, Amazon.

The cameras all work under the same app. They can be grouped together and viewed or viewed individually. They can trigger or be triggered by other devices,both Wyze and other products. The search feature on this forum will lead you to lots of help from friendly folks with the same questions (and answers).
Feel free to post back with any questions,.you have an interesting and challenging but very fun road ahead!


OK, well that sorts a few things out; thanks for the help.


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The only thing I might add is 100’ is a long way for a WiFi signal. Do you know your WiFi can reach that location (perhaps by taking a phone or other device out there?)

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Very good point I missed, @Newshound. I guess with enough hardware you could do it. Mine won’t.

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They need 5V DC at about 1000 to 2000 mA /edit from MA. I’ve had one cam running off the wall-wart hooked to a 100’ extension cord.
A quick check showed Sears selling 14/3 100ft long for about $21. There are other options such as running low voltage landscape lighting w/ transformers/converters and ethernet with POE and converters. But i have several 100’ extension cords.
For the outdoor camera you will need protection from the elements, look on the "Tips and Tricks section and you’ll find a lot of ideas.

Which ran for about 2 months in the Mississippi summer before it “flew” north to Virginia.

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Frome the specs
V2 Power Adapter Output 5V/1000mA
Cam Pan Power Adapter Output 5V/2000mA

Might depend on if you need IR


Cool, I’ll delete my notes on it. :slightly_smiling_face: