Initial detection taking too long to start

I have 2 V2 Cam cameras. Both are having the same issues so I suspect it has something to do with my setup.

First Issue
Under Detection Settings, I have tried “Close” set to 50% and to 100% and yet I can not get the devices to start recording until the person approaching the camera is almost up to it. I have the camera aimed to record people coming down the sidewalk towards it. If the recording is of someone walking away from the camera, the camera will record the person until they leave the frame. I also have “Image sensitivity” to 100%.

“Second Issue”
Although I have the “Maximum Video Length” set to 3 minutes, the recording stops when the person in the video stops walking. I then lose what they are doing from that point on - like letting their dog defecate on my lawn. How can I set the camera to record for MVL I set it to?

Thank you.

Wyze Cam Outdoor v2s perhaps? Those are different than the regular v2.

This is because the cameras are “sleeping”, and when they detection motion with the PIR detection system, it takes a second to wake up and start the recording. Depending on the direction and speed that the object is moving, it would be very possible that the object would be in a different location at the start of the video than there it was first detected. You can improve this by in reading your sensitivitys, training the camera so that motion is traveling side to side in the view rather than towards or away. You could switch the a different camera with pixel based detection that has a faster detect to record time.

Sounds like that feature is working as it’s intended, and is being misunderstood. It’s a “maximum” setting, not a “minimum” or “will be at least” setting. Is there any informational messages near that setting toggle? That the clip will end when motion stops, unless motion continues to your set “maximum” time set. Then it will stop the clip and should start a second one if the motion continues dependant on your cool down setting.

Hi Tony

Thanks for the quick reply! Much appreciated.

On the approach issue, are you suggesting that if I angle the camera so the approach is caught from the side, rather than straight on, I should be able to have the recording start sooner?

Yes, the comment is there about recordings stopping, but I was hoping that when I set the duration to 2 min, it may override the motion condition. Too bad. Because of this I can’t capture the activity of the pet owner standing still and watching their pet defecate on my yard.

Thanks again.


From the Support article for the WCO. It states:

Note: With the positioning of the PIR sensor, left-to-right and right-to-left motion is most likely to trigger the sensor. Movement from the top down, and moving directly towards the camera, are less likely to trigger the sensor to detect motion.


It would trigger faster.

Sorry. It says exactly what it does. :). Remember, it’s not just “duration”, “minimum duration”, “set duration”, it’s “maximum duration” or maximum video length when motion is detected.

If you have cam plus on the cameras make sure they are set to no cooldown. If you are using Cam Plus Lite there will be a cooldown period which can be set to a minimum of 1 minute.
You can also set up your cameras to record to the SD cards in the cams if you have them. You can set the to no cooldown period and a maximum duration for each video to Max of 5 min. but as with the cloud recordings it will only record when there is motion. You can do scheduled event recording to the SD card and recording to the cloud events at the same time.
Sid to side motion is the best.

Hi Antonius

Thanks very much for weighing in on my issues. I currently have my (Cam Plus) cameras set to the settings you mention. I understood that it is not possible to record videos to SD cards with Camp Plus, only images. At least that is the experience I have had. Either way, it doesn’t sound like I would get a different result than just saving videos to the cloud. I will try adjusting the camera to point so that the people on the sidewalk are caught by the side of the camera and not the front. Hopefully that will make a difference.

Thanks again.


Cam plus is your cloud saved motion events, and is completely different than the SD card local storage. The image only events in the event tab is no cloud service, cam plus would change the images or thumbnails only to full motion events, and cam plus lite would change the event videos to 12 seconds. Then a 5 min cool down before the next. Still, cloud recording is seperate and independent from your SD card recordings.

To add to what Tony said, if you have an SD card in the base station you can not get the cloud video events Backed Up to the base SD card with Cam Plus, it does work with Cam Plus Lite. You can do scheduled event recording to the SD card in the camera with Cam Plus and to the cloud server at the same time and it will also work with Event Recording setting Detects Motion turned off but you will not get a notification or be able to see the recording on the events page.
Movement across the field of view is the best for detection. The below picture is from a WCO recording event from about 3 years ago when I had a WCO cam on the side off the house. The red line is where the face of the camera is pointing, the garbage truck is 50 feet away. The cams do have a wide field of view to work with.

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