Infinite "Loading..." when trying to save extended event/clip to iPhone device


I recently subscribed to the 14 day trial of the extended clip footage, and have ran into an issue using an up to date iPhone X, an upto date Wyze iOS app, and my Wyze Pan Cam.

I now have events/clips that are over 12 seconds long (which is great), but when I tap the save button to save the clip to my phone, it is stuck with an infinite loading message. It never saves the clip, and in the end I just have to back out and give up. I’ve tried it on multiple clips, have waited upwards of 20mins to see if it was just slow etc, and it never saves.

This is my first post - do the Wyze devs look at these? I’m assuming it’s a bug as everything on my side is all up to date and on strong Wi-Fi.