Incoming newspaper and kittens

We have some feral cats in the neighborhood and there are some kittens that tend to hang out and are fairly friendly. This morning my wife and I went out for breakfast and I tossed the newspaper back towards the porch. The kittens were not there when I came out of the house, so I was surprised when I tossed the newspaper and I could see the kittens jump. And of course, being kittens, they had to check out the newspaper after it landed…
Two angles of the same incident.


Gravity defying money shots.



I do like how cats can jump like that at a split second notice.


And in the left side of the second video, you can see that I get to pick more Meyer lemons - yum! It’s a dwarf tree, but produces lots of lemons. My dwarf Mandarin orange is also ready for picking.

I’m loving how the Orange one starts on the left side of the video, Then the newspaper hits and Mr Grey leaps in the air, and within a couple of frames, Orangey walks right under Mr Grey while he’s in the air, and within just a couple of frames they’ve totally switched positions :rofl:

I know! I’m not even sure it’s more than one frame. I was slowly stepping though trying to find the leap point and it was bizarre how quickly he or she changed places. (See my screenshots.)

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