In App Wyze Thermostat Displays Wild Temperature Reading

Every time I open Wyze Thermostat in the (Android) app, it either shows 10 or 50 degrees.

The temperature is correct and the app IS working but the reading is completely wrong.

To adjust the temp I need to swipe Controls up and then back down to get the correct temp and then ajust.

Yhis started a couple weeks ago.

Hello, have you attempted any troubleshooting steps that may help us better understand the situation?

I uninstalled the Wyze app from my phone and then reinstalled it.

I also checked the Wyze app on another cell phone and a Samsung tablet.

All devices display the same behavior.

Really odd.

Back to normal.
The only major change was the Android Samsung software update installed May 31st.
That has to be it.
I have a Samsung A52.