In App Notifications Badge Won't Clear

I have posted this issue to support, but they directed me here. So here it goes:

On Android, when one of the Wyze cam’s triggers a notification, I receive an Android system notification of an event, and the Wyze app itself has an in-app notification set on the events icon.

If I tap on the Android system notification from Wyze, I am taken directly to the event in the app, which works fine. However, when backing out of that event, using the Android system back button, I can see that the Wyze app still shows a new notification badge set on the events icon.

Leaving the app completely, then reentering the Wyze app, I can still see the in-app badge on the events icon. This isn’t how notifications should work, since the last visit to the app, via the system notification, took me directly to the new event, which I viewed and then left.

Hopefully this makes sense. If not, I have a video I took of the whole process. This has been happening since the start of the beta Wyze app releases in February 2019, or at least that’s when I noticed it.

I’ll tag some devs on this.

I’m having the same issue here on Samsung s9