IMPORTANT: Terms of Service and Security Updates - 1/6/22

See my other posts in this forum. I don’t think this is related to log4j but you should not trust Wyze after they bricked cams.

Grand. I don’t want to be without the cameras this weekend so I’ll try the updates next week and see how it goes, leaving my most important camera to last.

I just received a pop-up notice on the app telling me to update my cameras to current firmware. My problem: all but three are running current versions of RTSP firmware. The other three have the most recent firmware according to the app.

Does this imply Wyze will no longer support or allow use of the RTSP firmware?

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We just confirmed that RTSP firmware will not be forcibly upgraded. I suspect the blanket notice wasn’t so discriminatory. :slight_smile:


That is the good way to do it, I personally update mine one at a time and I will do a few of the less important one and run them a day or two to see if any issues arise before moving on to the critical ones.


Good to know. However, you may see many angry/frustrated posts about this since it is indiscriminate. It certainly caught me by surprise.

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I had to roll back a v2 camera last month because Wyze deactived motion detection on my v2 via a firmware upgrade. Has this been resolved? Will the forced firmware upgrade remove motion detection on my v2 camera again?

@WyzeJasonJ perhaps you an ask the power’s that be at Wyze for clarification on this?

I need to know if using a device outside, such as a V3, is voiding my warranty.

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I have pointed this out to Wyze, I am hoping the get it corrected soon, my understanding (not official statement by Wyze) is that the v3 is fine to use outdoors but the power adapter that comes with it is not meant for outdoor use. I agree this needs corrected in the ToS.


Yes, I understand the power adapters are not out door rated, so they sit in a Weatherproof Receptacle Cover:

There are other Wyze items besides the V3 that can be used Outdoors, that should be addressed as well.



You are referencing the web version of the Supplemental Terms published May 15, 2020… before the advent of the v3 and other outdoor products. Yes, this needs to be updated to include/exclude the latest products. :+1:


Providing an update…
I updated my v2 and v3 cameras today.
As my app is also old, as soon as I updated the firmware, the cameras wouldn’t connect. So I continued blind until all camera firmwares were updated.
Then I updated the app, reconnected and finished the firmware upgrades.
All cameras are working.
Happy days.

Time will tell if the notifications are working ok.

Also my tinyCam Free stopped connecting to the cameras but it works again after updating the tinyCam Monitor app.


Just curious, are you using an iPhone or Android? My cam2 remains bricked. I had updated the iPhone app first, then the firmware, and it immediately stopped working, never to respond again even after full reset. Now replaced with Rbcior 1080P which is working fine.

I’m using Android 11.
2 v2 cameras.
I knew the app wouldn’t see the camera once I updated the firmware so I just hoped for the best.
There’s a way to flash the firmware from an SD card (but it needs to be a small size). It’s been a while since I had to use that way.

I wonder if that would be a possibility. I’ll put in a ticket to ask Wyze. I have the micro SC card and a reader for it.

Although it’s not mentioned on this page, people have had most success with cards of 32GB or smaller.

Thanks! I’ll see if I can do that.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the development team making a decision, which minimum version of Android/iOS do they want to support and test. Each extra version they support translates to more work.
If they are swamped with other work (like supporting dozens of products, whats next a Wyze toilet lid still up sensor?) they will need to cut corners, and one way is to draw a line.


if you re interested:

Thanks for being a [Mod Edit] company and not listening to your customers.

You have illegally accessed and modified my equipment, after I explicitly denied you permission to do so.

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Thanks for breaking my stuff.

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