Images on Plum phablet rotate 90 degrees off orientation of phablet.

No matter which way I orient my phablet, the image is 90 degrees off, meaning I get a landscape view if it is oriented vertically, or a vertical view if it is oriented landscape.

Since I really don’t want to lay on my side to view this, and I don’t want my phablet screen rotation to be locked all the time, is there a fix for this?


I am having the exact same problem with my Samsung Tab S tablet. No problem with my Galaxy S9 phone.

Did you ever get a reply or solution


Hi Shuterbug,
The reply I got said they didn’t know anything about that, but that they would look into it. Haven’t heard anything since.

I did come up with a work-around that allows me to use the tablet for viewing:

  1. I set my tablet to Landscape only, disabling the auto-rotate
  2. Rotate my head to the left and choose a camera
  3. Click the full-view icon in the corner of the screen
    That sequence rotates the screen image to horizontal, full screen.
    Of course, if I want to us it in portrait mode, it is now rotated to the right.

I have ordered another cheapie tablet, but from a different manufacturer that is scheduled to arrive today. I am curious to learn if it responds to the WYZE app the same, or differently than the Plum. It has a more recent version of Android. If you are interested, I’ll let you know.


Thanks for the quick reply. I wrote to Wyze yesterday, but have not received an actual reply yet, just the automated acknowledgement email.

I thought of the same work around that you used, but have not tried it yet. It probably will work will the same limited success that you have.

If they do come up with an actual solution, I will let you know.