Image too dark - can I adjust?

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My camera has a lot of sky in the image. I want to see who is approaching my door, which is in shadow. Is there a way to adjust the camera so the sky is washed out but the shadow image shows more detail?


This is a function of contrast in the camera’s view. Perhaps you could mount the camera up high, looking downward, which would remove much of the bright sky from the camera’s view.


I agree with @jjr sadly its how the camera is going to view things that are close when the background, in this case the sky is much brighter.

if you are familiar with the camera on your phone, this is what the HDR mode is for , it basically take two photos, one for best light of the thing that is close, and one for the background and meshes them together.

some dashcams have an HDR mode for video and the results are amazing. but it takes much much more computing power then our wyze cams have which is more than likely the reason they are unable to implement it.

your best bet will be to mount it somewhere so the background to where the people you want to capture is considerably dimmer. I have the one for my front door mounted high and the light works out great using the ground as the background behind the person.

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OK I moved the camera as high as I could, and pointed it down. No sky is showing. Here is a clip. The sunlight portion is blown out and difficult to see, and the shadow portion is not much improved from before. Any other ideas?

Hard to see video

Cam exposure is set based on that nice bright sunlight. So that shared area will always appear dark. There’s nothing, other than a similarly bright light in the shaded area, that will fix this image.

Even if you could adjust the image to make the shaded area brighter, the sunlit area would be so washed out you would not be able to see anything in that area.

It should be possible to adjust the gamma on the camera. This would give the image a softer look, but provide more dynamic range. This should be a small firmware update.

Yet, it isn’t with the current software. You might want to see if there is something in the Wishlist topic for image correction.