I'm new at this Time Lapse thing

Why is the time lapse being erased from my SD card? I don’t get it. I just got the SD card yesterday afternoon so it isn’t full. Sorry I’m just not tech savvy with this stuff. Thanks

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In not sure what you mean by ‘erased from the SD card’
Are you removing the SD card and trying to view on another device?
When you set up and record a time-lapse you then download it by going to the album of the cam you had record it. If the recording was successful the video should be there for downloading by tapping the down arrow in the grey icon for the time-lapse. If the download is successful the video should play and remain there for further viewing or saving.If not you should still see the icon with the down arrow for downloading again. I’ve found its better to not leave a download to run in the background once you a start it.

I’m sorry I was confusing. I set for a 24 hour time lapse on the SD card. I set it from 7am Saturday (yesterday) to 7am Sunday (today). However at time of my post I was not able to locate the time lapse video on my app in albums. This is on the IOS version which I have noticed has been wonky since the IOS 13 update. Maybe I"m just not setting up time lapse properly? Oh and I’m trying to download to my device, not take the SD card out of cam.

Oops sorry. Editing again as it shows on the Android app but not on the iphone app. However it gets to 98% download and then starts over again at 0%. I guess it’s a good thing it was nothing important and I’m just learning how to use this feature. I"m so sad about this though.

There not much error allowed on defining the time lapse. It won’t let you confuse start and end times and I would assume you are using reasonable interval settings.
I have run into two problems before which might relate. If you are trying a time lapse larger than your available SD card space it will give you an error message (usually). There is also the possibility of an SD card problem. Sometimes if you don’t mind losing what’s already recorded on it formatting the card will help,

The other is wifi connectivity issues. If you have a weak or strongly fluctuating signal it can drop connection and trash the download,
Also, once you succeed in a download it will be available in the album of other cams but not until you download from the recording cam.

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I have 32 gig SD card. But I do have continuous play as well as time lapse. Could that be an issue? The continuous is fine but I just did n’t want to scroll through everything. Oops and I only have one cam, which is the V2. I just find it odd that it shows in the album on my Samsung but iphone it doesn’t show. Only one cam (so far at the house) so not sure. But then again I’m finding IOS 13 to be less than stable.

There have been numerous issues with the type of SD card as well,is it the Wyze branded card? Or at least an “endurance” rated card? I know first hand that Sandisk is not a good option for these.

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It’s this one.


But like I said the time lapse shows up 100% on the Android app but does not show at all on the iphone app. So I still think it’s app related or phone related. i only have the one cam so it isn’t that.

so it is working on the android now? before you said

I personally would not use those cards, as they are not rated for endurance and have a high chance of failing in these types of scenarios. If the footage is worth it, then its worth buying a card that is made for this - please see the below post for more details

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Oops sorry again for confusion. I didn’t try on the Android earlier when I posted above. it was on IOS 13. The other iphone did not show anything in the album.

Thanks. I’ll get some different cards then.

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just a matter of personal preference but when I do large lapse’ i usually format the card first and turn off all other recording. I dont want someone walking by to somehow jeopardize my painstakingly long time lapse. i just started one this morning that will take one frame every 15 minutes until october 26th. I’m trying to capture the leaves changing for the year. I turned off all other recording on that cam as I will only get one shot at this. :nerd_face:

and I agree with @steve4335 endurance cards are the way to go. I haven’t been able to find one person that has had an issue using an endurance card.

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@Bam I am doing the same thing!!! I set my time lapse up for the full 30 days ending on 10/22, one frame every 30 min, and i set a schedule to shut the camera off at 7pm and turn back on at 7am so i dont end up with a bunch of night pics i can’t use. I left the event recording on though, not intentionally, just forgot to turn it off :smiley: hopefully it doesn’t affect the finished time lapse…but only time will tell :crazy_face: I’m excited to see both of ours now, what part of the country are you in? (certainly don’t have to answer if concerned for privacy) Mine is in southern Wisconsin

Oh I don’t need a full 30 days. I’m home 24/7 but I do like to see what goes on outside at nights since I"m taking care of feral cats (now domesticated) and dealing with rogue raccoons. So night time for me is good enough. So from 6PM to 7am only for me. I review each morning and that’s it til that evening.

will you do a test run of shutting the camera off on a schedule. it seems like that might actually end the lapse the first time it shuts off. I doesn’t seem like our cameras would be capable ( with what little power they have) of sewing multiple lapse together after the schedule run date ends. I was thinking of just cutting out the nighttime scenes once the time lapse was complete.

EDIT @steve4335 I’m currently in lower Michigan :grinning:

in a few years I’ll be in the upper penninsula where the colors are that much better :slight_smile: and Ill do it there too.

Ok a couple of things. How do I view these files on my computer. I’m so dense with technology I need some help here. It’s a Windows 10 Dell Inspiron if that helps. I don’t want to erase anything off this SD card if it’s something I need. I’m so sad about this.

My method for transferring time lapses (which may not be easy for you) is to go into the directory on my Android phone Wyze\Camera\Video and look for the .mp4 file. Then copy it to my PC over the Lan.

I had been using Cheetah Backup, but there are many other methods.

Normally I would do that but per Wyze Support there is an issue with the IOS 13 and the update Wyze software for some people. He suggested taking the SD card out and saving/viewing on my pc then to repair and reformat. My Windows 10 won’t play the extension of these files and I have no idea how to convert to mp4.

Obviously I’m missing something here. I have tried the recommended VLC player that Wyze has suggested (search in the community) but I cannot for the life of me figure out first where to find the time lapse videos to play and how to play them. Sorry I’m not so tech savvy here.

This is a serious problem for many of us. Wyze needs to publish a directory structure for each platform.
Can you search for files that end in .mp4?

But backup the entire SD card content to your main computer and you can search easier.

Time Lapse recordings are not in MP4 format on the card. I believe they are converted to MP4s when you transfer them to your device.

If you put the card directly in a computer, then you will find a time_lapse folder on the card. Inside that folder will be a folder for your time lapse. Inside that folder will be a “record.h264” file. That is the raw time-lapse file. You should be able to use VLC to play that.


The VLC player is not playing them. I’m really clueless on this.

On my Mac, you just double-click on the file. I did a quick search for how to do it on a Windows 10 box, and apparently you have to jump thru a couple hoops first: