Illumination- Wyze Night Lights

Just because I feel like they get little love… a video of the Wyze night lights in action synced on my front staircase.

Not only do they keep me from tripping walking up the stairs in the dark, save me from having to tell Alexa or Ziggy to turn my smart switches on or off when traveling in the dark… but they make me feel like what I am sure a princess feels like swooning up and or down a platform staircase :rofl:


I’m sorry if this isn’t the correct place but I have to tell you I am disappointed with the Wyze night light.
Pros: Design and installation is great, I like the sleek design, dual lights, recharging system. BUT I think the brightness is substandard and the sensor sometimes is slooow to react. I’m almost off the stair before it comes on( 5 flight of steps).
I bought 2 sets of lights to replace my battery operated night lights. In one hallway I have removed the Wyze and re-installed the battery operated one.

Feel free to share where you can.

I am sorry this has been your experience. I have not had the same.

I have a fair amount of smart devices and routines setup for my home lighting, at night the lights are set to go off, finding switches, yelling voice commands at night, fumbling with a phone stinks in the dark… thats where these lil guys come into play.

I have two staircases that go upstairs from the main floor in my home and have the night lights synced per staircase. spanning the length of the staircases.

If I get within 10 feet of the top or bottom light, even just walking past they all come on. Which has resulted in me having to charge them often but for me they have been very sensitive, especially with low light around them.

Are you getting a lot of natural light around them? My front staircase gets a lot of natural light and the nightlights are less sensitive when there is additional light, near the dusk and night hours. Where my back staircase is very dark and the nightlights often turn on in the daytime.


I just barely installed mine and they are AWESOME! They light up my room so brightly enough that my V3’s can see in color! Also, one word of advice I would give people is to set them up in a way where one of them will maximize the motion sensor at the entrance to stairs.

I have it so one sensor will catch people before they actually set foot on the stairs. The motion sensor actually goes pretty far and captures at a wide enough angle too. I have them pointing at the entrances to the stairways so that they trigger before a person even gets to the stairs. I am impressed how much light they put out too. I thought I would need several in my stairway, but they’re bright enough that I was able to repurpose some elsewhere. My wife was impressed how well well they worked, that they last as long as they do and are rechargeable (let alone the price). 1 more bonus point toward justifying my Wyze addiction spending! YES! :rofl:

Something totally underrated about these, the magnets in them are strong! I didn’t even use the mounts they came with…I had a little tiny wall nail (the ones that are so small and skinny and almost have no head on them) on the wall, and the magnet on these things held the entire nightlight up on the almost non-existent tip of the wall nail really firmly. I was shocked how stable it was on there. I hung another on the stair overhang corner that had metal. and another on a screw head on an old phone jack that is not used anymore. I banged around them, and tried bumping it and it was shocking stable. I couldn’t believe they held on so well. I’ll use the issued mounts for some of them in special locations, but man it’s crazy how well they hold up even with a little tiny nail tip flush against the wall. There’s no way they should hold on that well, but they do!

I’m going to buy more of these now. They are even better than I expected them to be!

My cats will set them off, and my toddler will grab at them, so I set mine up higher like shoulder/head height. I even tested one around 7-8 feet up and it surprisingly easily triggers too. I just have to plan how to angle some of them in some locations where I don’t want the cats setting them off and burning the battery at night unnecessarily. :cat: :cat2:

Update: Linking them drains the battery faster than I like, so changed and arranged most of them to work by themselves now so the battery lasts longer. Linking is really cool if you are able to plug these in and not worry about the battery.

I also keep an extra one offline and charged at all times, then when one dies I can just rotate in a fully charged one while I charge the one that died. It’s pretty convenient that way.