Wyze night light - worth it?

I’ve read some good but also a ton of bad reviews for the Wyze night light system.

Link multiple together

Bad mounting magnet
Battery life
Doesn’t connect to the Wyze app

For any users that have this system, is it any good or is it a headache? Are there any other alternatives to it that run on battery and can daisy chain together?


I use mine on stairs and they are great. The batteries do tend to drain faster when linked but no need to link for the stairs application and they can detect as you move.

This has been my only use case, but I also use Wyze bulbs in my stair cases with a sunrise off sunset on at 10%


Yea I definitely don’t recommend linking them unless you really need to, the battery drains much faster that way. Also having a spare turned off fully charged is nice so when one is low battery you can swap it out and charge the dead one.

The light is nice and soft, they have a nice little fade, and the motion detection works pretty great.

One thing I would like changed is switches to set how long it stays on for, as sometimes it’s fine but in some situations it’s a little short. For example, in the bathroom, make sure the motion detector can see you the whole time your in the bathroom, or else it will turn off on you.

I have 6, and 2 had a weird magnet. I has to put it right on the edge for it to stay, or else it spun around. The other 4 had amazing magnets, they really were strong. So if you get bad ones you could always return them and try again.

Overall they are pretty good, I would definitely get more if needed.


I have 4 of these in service with 2 charged in reserve. I have them at my entry doors mounted just above and to the side of the deadbolt\knob.

:star::star::star::star::star: :heart: LOVE THEM! :heart: :star::star::star::star::star:

They light up the door, deadbolt, and knob so I can see which key I need on the keychain and where to insert it. The PIR sensor is very sensitive and activates the light well in advance of me getting there.

Using them in paired mode will drain battery life. I don’t use that.

I charged mine several months ago… Who knows when they will go dead. When they do, I grab a spare, turn it on, pop it on the wall and charge the dead one. Easy Peasy!

I find the magnetic mounts sufficient, although the magnet polarity is sometimes a bit off and will askew it a bit. But great for popping onto metal surfaces.

I don’t want it in the Wyze App. No WiFi connectivity issues, no setup install configuration hassles, no server outages, no intereference, they just do their job and don’t complain.

Hope this helps!


I have about a dozen of these throughout my house and I love them. They hold a charge for a decent amount of time and the fact that they don’t require a plug allows me to put them anywhere and not take up the limited outlet space in my old home. I have multiple on the steps and upstairs hall, one by the toilet, one over each sink and a few more scattered though the kitchen and livingroom. I can walk my whole house at night without needing to turn on a light.


They work well for me. I have two sets of three. I have three going up my stairs, and three charged to rotate them when the batteries die. I link them.

The first set had strong magnets. The second set, not so much, as they will turn sideways when I connect them and I have to play with them to keep them straight.

Still, I am happy with my purchase, but having a second second set to rotate was a must.


I’d prefer not to have to purchase 2 sets of 3 when only 3 are needed. Is there any word or information from Wyze about potentially upgrading these to better batteries and fixing the magnetic wall mount issue some users are having?

I want to stick with Wyze since I have so many of their products currently, but are there any other solutions that have the battery-powered, motion sensory, and ability to link multiple together other than this Wyze solution?

Why would you be forced to buy 2 packs of 3?

The nightlights are sold in single packs of 3 lights each for $19.99 on the Website and the App Store. $16.99 with a current Subscriber Discount. $25.98 for 3 w\ free 2 Day Prime shipping on Amazon.

I actually find the batteries to be impressive. Mine last for over 2 months between charges when not linked and charge up in only a few hours.

The magnetic mounts are not wonky on all of them. I think it may just be a manufacturing QA issue where the magnets aren’t being seated in the device exactly where they should be. But, it isn’t anything that isn’t manageable.


I mentioned buying two sets of three as some users mentioned that they do that for easy swap out for poor performance of battery when linked.

If everyone says don’t link them together and you want have the battery problem, then why purchase these to begin with? Not knocking Wyze as I have several of their products. But if these are the only wireless motion sensors that can link together on the market, why is everyone disabling that feature because of battery performance?

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I understand.

I cant speak for anyone else, but having them linked wasn’t a feature I found useful. I don’t need them all lighting up together when they are in different rooms. The motion sensors are good enough that they light up well in advance of getting close to them and it doesn’t have to be completely dark.

I needed 4 so I had to get 2 packs.